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“You’re gibbering”: explosive debate over Latrell Mitchell breaks out


Tensions boiled over on Monday night as journalists and NRL bigwigs clashed over Latrell Mitchell’s expletive-laden interview.

The NRL 360 office was nearly transformed into a makeshift octagon as discussions erupted over the South Sydney Rabbitohs star’s offensive language.

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According to News Corp, the NRL and South Sydney will not take any action and no notice of breach of contract will be sent.

The lack of action sparked widespread backlash from some NRL commentators and became the bone of contention between host Braith Anasta and Australian journalist Brent Read.

“If it was another player in our game, Luai, would the NRL sanction a match or sanction him?” » asked Anasta.

Co-host Paul Kent added: “There are several players who, if they came out and had such disregard for what is accepted, Ricky Stuart talked shit at a press conference and he got a fine.”

Read stepped in and said: “There’s more than, I think after the week he’s had and the racism issues, I think Andrew Abdo may have concerns for his mental health.

“Do you have a problem with the CEO meeting one of the biggest stars in the game? »

“I have a problem with the lack of response from the NRL, and I think they are terrified,” Kent said.

But Anasta pressed Read to answer whether Mitchell should have been hit with a breach notice and a fine.

It was then that the two men had a heated discussion.

Read said: “Yes, he probably should have been fined. »

Anasta replied, “So what are you saying about Ready?” You come to us saying it should have been… you say it should have been.

“So, what are you talking about?” You’re gibbering.

Read replied: “Are you picking on me?

Anasta replied again: “There’s a bit of a double standard here, I think… if you say, if it was another player, do you think he would have been punished?”

Read replied: “No, you asked me if Abdo would have gone to see them… I don’t know, mate. »

Kent then called on the NRL’s integrity unit to get involved in the situation, having already investigated Brandon Smith for a similar incident.

The Roosters hooker went on the YKTR podcast in 2021 and swore several times during a 56-minute interview.

“Where is the integrity unit? You want to talk about the integrity of the game, which is partly the public perception…they sat back with a nothing-to-see-here attitude,” Kent said.

“The integrity unit is supposed to operate outside of the CEO.”

“I’m tired of the excuses, every player is interviewed after the matches, and we all swear in training and in our lives,” Anasta added.

“But we know we’re being watched by kids, fans, it’s our responsibility not to swear and do the right thing during the game… he swore five times and said he doesn’t didn’t apologize.

“But nothing has been done about it…I understand the swearing, we all do it accidentally but we apologize.”

Kent also echoed Anasta’s opinion and questioned why Mitchell claimed he wouldn’t apologize for using foul language after the match.

“The question is why, it wasn’t a slip of the tongue, footballers swear it in their daily conversations, but every footballer who is going to be interviewed refrains from doing so,”

“Because they understand how important it is to get the right message across. This is the public face you display.

“Latrell not only said it repeatedly, but he also said he was not going to apologize.”

Triple M ultimately cut his post-match interview with Mitchell short due to the offensive language he used.

“It’s okay buddy, honestly, fuck… It was shit,” Mitchell began.

“In the first piece, just a tough play, we showed what we were doing. Honestly, they’re big boys, they’re competitors. No wonder they came second last year, so damn, they’re building on that.

“I don’t care if I swear, boys, honestly.”

Speaking about his try-scoring achievement, Mitchell added: “But I’m very happy, I’ve scored 100 tries, so that’s something to celebrate tonight. Yeah, no one cares, but anyway.


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