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You can finally edit your Instagram DMs


New changes are coming to DMs on Instagrambridging the gap between Meta and iMessage.

Meta announced Monday three key changes to Instagram DMs that actually sound pretty cool: editing posts, pinning posts, changing your read receipts, and more sticker capabilities.

You can now edit a message up to 15 minutes after it was sent, to correct a typo or add additional context or for any other reason. Making the change is quite similar to how you might make a edit text on iMessage: Simply tap and hold the sent message and choose “edit” from the drop-down menu. The word “Edited” will appear above the message, but the other user will not be able to see the original message that you edited. This is already launched, so you can try it at any time.

You’ll also be able to pin up to three group or individual chats to the top of your inbox. This is similar to your favorite contacts in iMessage. To move a chat up, swipe left or long-press on the chat. Then press “pin”. You can’t do it right now, but Meta said it will be available “soon.”

Right now, you can change whether your read receipts are turned on or off for an individual chat – a feature that launched only a few months ago. To turn off read receipts, go to “Settings & Privacy,” scroll down to “Messages & Story Replies,” then click “Show Read Receipts” and turn this feature on or off. Finally, you can save your favorite stickers by long-pressing a sticker to save it, making it easier to find.

Although some of these changes are just Instagram copying iMessage, I can’t say I’m angry.


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