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Yellowstone Season 6: What do we know?

With delays, casting drama and ongoing strikes, a lot remains unclear about the final season of the hit Western series Yellowstone.

Like the Dutton family and the actors of Yellow stone Facing uncertainties as the hit series comes to an end, fans, until recently, were wondering not only what to expect in the final season, but When they can expect it. With the WGA strike over and the SAG-AFTRA strike (hopefully) about to end, the Paramount Network updated fans on Yellowstone: Season 6.

What Happened to Yellowstone: Season 5, Part 2?

Originally, the plan was to split Yellowstone’s fifth season into two parts, with Part 2 scheduled to air in fall 2023. That didn’t happen because of strikes, so now Paramount is doubling down on the final season from Yelllowstone issue 6. This is now expected in Fall 2024.

How many episodes will Yellowstone season 6 have?

Two of the biggest problems facing the final season of Yellow stone stemmed directly from the strikes, as creator Taylor Sheridan had not yet completed the scripts when the WGA strike was called. Even if the scripts are completed, as long as the SAG-AFTRA strike continues, no filming can take place. In a recent article on The Hollywood Reporter It was revealed that Sheridan had originally planned six episodes for the second half of season 5, but season 6 could be long.

Will Kevin Costner be there?

Yellow stone made more headlines than ever when it was revealed that Costner wanted to put in fewer hours during the final season, in part so he could focus on his passion project. Horizon: an American saga. Once it was announced that Costner would officially be leaving the ranch, it was learned that the show was about to end. While waiting for the final batch of episodes, CBS announced that Yellow stone reruns would be part of their Sunday evening schedule this fall, and lo and behold, the version edited for television broadcast is now one of top rated series on television.

But where does that leave John Dutton? According to an explosive report on Puck, Costner wanted a veto over how his character exited the series, ensuring he would have a “moral death” clause. Sheridan reportedly declined, but perhaps the strike cooled things down a bit. Maybe, just maybe, Dutton’s arc won’t be as truncated as the headlines seem to suggest.

What is Yellowstone 2024?

This appears to be the current title of the sequel series with Matthew McConaughey and (potentially) other Yellowstone cast members. There’s no word yet on what the series will entail, but you can be sure John Dutton won’t tip his hat – both because of Costner and, come on, Dutton has to die. Yellow stoneRIGHT?

And the prequels?

The well-received prequel 1923, starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, is expected to air an additional season. It will probably premiere Before Yellowstone Season 6, as Sheridan reportedly finished the scripts. Paramount also announced another spinoff called 1944, which would presumably take the Dutton clan through World War II and could (theoretically) include characters from 1923, including Brandon Sklenar’s Spencer. That said, the role could potentially be recast, as, while he’s supposed to be in his 50s, Sklenar would be a bit young.

What do you hope to see in the final season of Yellow stone? Which character(s) do you think will not make it out alive? Let us know!

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