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Woman’s Torso Found in Dumpster – Leading to Arrest of Top Hollywood Agent’s Son! – Pérez Hilton

What a truly horrific Hollywood crime story…

It all started on Wednesday when a woman’s body parts were found in a plastic bag near a dumpster in Encino, California. A homeless man was looking for recyclables in the trash area of ​​a shopping center near Ventura Blvd when he came across human remains. It turned out to be a dismembered female torso.

Police reviewed surveillance footage from the area and quickly located a victim and suspect.

The suspect was a man named Sam Haskell. Sam is connected to a true Hollywood powerhouse – or at least he was. His father, Sam Haskell, Sr.was a HUGELY powerful agent in his time, representing stars like George Clooney, Whoopi Goldberg, Ray Romano, Katie Lee GiffordAnd Dolly Parton. He also founded Magnolia Hill Productions. It was a big deal, but he’s retired now – he was forced out in 2017 after offensive emails came to light in which, among other things, they made fun of 2013’s weight. Miss America winner. So we don’t expect any weight to be thrown to protect his son.

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Sam Jr. was arrested at Westfield Topanga Mall on Wednesday morning around 11:30 a.m. – suspected of murdering his wife, Mei Haskell. At the time of writing, he is being held in the Van Nuys Jail on $2 million bail. LAPD Investigators then entered his home and discovered more:

“Here in the house, once officers entered, what was discovered was evidence of a crime, including evidence of blood and other items that I am not going to provide at this point.”

But it’s even worse. We know, it’s worse than killing and cutting up your wife? Well yeah. You see, there’s more than just Mei missing. The police also cannot find his mother and father, Yanxiang Wang And Gaoshen Li, who also live with the couple. LAPD Detective Efren Gutiérrez explained at a press conference Wednesday evening:

“The reason we are concerned about their whereabouts is because they would normally be at home during these hours… Attempts were made to contact them by cell phone… no response. Same with Mei, she is missing… attempts have been made to call her phone (and) still no answer.

Police are also searching for two missing vehicles, a white Volkswagen Tiguan with license plate. 9ANC890 and a white 2014 Nissan Pathfinder with license plate 7FRM190.

From left to right: Mei Haskell, Yanxiang Wang and Gaoshen Li. / (c) ABC7/YouTube

In addition to living with his parents, the Haskells also share three young children, who have now been placed in Department of Children and Family Services police custody because none of their relatives could be found.

Could Sam Haskell have killed them all and scattered them?? His wife and his in-laws? Just horrible if it’s true.

(Image via ABC7/YouTube.)

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