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What Yze would offer Baker to stay after Little Tigers step up

New Richmond coach Adem Yze said “it’s not about me” after his pressure-laden Tigers shocked Sydney in a surprise five-point win at the MCG on Sunday night.

Yze praised the Tigers’ ferocious attack on the ball which sent their pressure rating “through the roof” last season.

He also said the club would give Liam Baker “the world if he wants to stay at our footy club” as he weighs the appeal of a potential return to Western Australia.

“If he decides to go, that’s the nature of the game,” Yze said. “But while he is here we want him to play freely, just enjoy his football and make the decision when the time comes.

“That’s the only thing I’ve spoken to him about… I just want his effort to be high and for him to enjoy coming into the club. We love him. He knows that.

“He is a leader of our club. What he brings to our football club is spirit.

Yze was quick to deflect the victory towards the club’s leaders, while emphasizing the ability of certain tigers to step up their action, as well as that of the supporters.

“They (Tiger Army) helped us in that last quarter with their noise,” Yze said of the tidal wave of roaring fans.

“(Sydney) scored the first two goals and we could have turned around, but our leaders stood up and our fans did too.”

In a further boost for the Tigers, Dustin Martin (calf), Jack Graham (quad) and Dylan Grimes (wrist) all have a chance to return in the Gather Round against St Kilda.

But they will be sweating on the results of a hamstring scan for Tom Lynch who limped late in the match.

“I think I did a little hammy,” Lynch said.

“But I’m not sure… We’ll wait and see, fingers crossed I keep going just a little bit.”

Nick Vlaustin was a brick wall at the back of the stop.

Tim Taranto, Shai Bolton, Tom Lynch and Baker all played crucial roles in the second-half comeback after the Swans had scored six unanswered goals.

“We know what our older players will be able to do in those moments,” Yze said.

“For our young players to respond and the effort they put in, like the pursuit (tackle) of Maurice Rioli in the last quarter, the pressure that Seth Campbell puts with Rhyan Mansell in the forward line, that’s the future of our football club. For them to be able to do that in those moments against a quality team in Sydney, we were really proud of that.

Yze adopted the character trait of his predecessor Damien Hardwick, who spoke of a “Richmond style”: a difficult, contested game where they put on the pressure. Now it’s being done with a younger brigade which Yze admits will have “fluctuations” from week to week, but offers enthusiasm.


Adem Yze tasted victory for the first time as Richmond coach as his spirited Tigers overcame the absence of Dustin Martin and other premiership heroes to defeat Sydney by five points in a thrilling final at the MCG.

Yze has a long way to go to endear himself to the Richmond faithful like Damien Hardwick, but he can take solace in the fact that he got a win on the board quicker than his predecessor in his first year.

The Tigers dominated the previously undefeated Swans from the start and their fierce pressure and on-ball attack kept them in good stead as they hung on for dear life after leading by 16 points through three quarters .

Tim Taranto and Shai Bolton lead the way in the middle while Nick Vlaustin has saved the day on countless occasions.

Maintaining the rage was their problem in defeats to Port Adelaide and Carlton, but to the delight of the roaring Tiger Army, their team was able to respond to the Swans’ six unanswered goals with five unanswered goals in the third quarter.

Tom Lynch got the Tigers back into the competition by scoring back-to-back goals in the third term to end the rut while Liam Baker was an inspiration with relentless pressure, putting himself in dangerous positions at the center forward and putting his team back in front with his second goal.

They didn’t want to give up the lead again, but their three-quarter lead quickly dwindled and the Swans were able to sniff out victory when Tom Papley scored their second goal of the term and launched into a celebration brand.

Shai Bolton really slammed to calm the nerves soon after and the Tigers’ surge of momentum kept them going even though they didn’t score another goal.

Vlaustin’s huge second half

Nick Vlaustin was a brick wall on defense as he collected 15 steal possessions, then propelled the Tigers on offense by operating with 100% kill efficiency.

Vlaustin was powerful in the goalkeeping role and executed many desperate defensive efforts to perfection to hold off the Swans attack late in the game.

Teammate Daniel Rioli was the only other player on the field to reach double the number of intercepted possessions.


Thomson Dow produced one of the best performances of his career with six clearances, second only to Tim Taranto, while Seth Campbell equaled Shai Bolton as the best player on the field during the 50s with eight.

The tackling pressure from Rhyan Mansell and Maurice Rioli Jr in the forward half was also immense with six each.

Former Melbourne Storm development squad member Mykelti Lefeau showed composure beyond his experience to score two important goals.

The 26-year-old New Zealand player made his debut last week and received thunderous applause in the first quarter when he perfectly executed a right-footed banana from the City End pocket to score his first goal in the AFL.

The noise was deafening for his second career goal, however, as he fired a saved shot from 45m out from about a 45-degree angle as part of the Tigres’ third-quarter onslaught before being substituted later. late.


Spot fire broke out during the second quarter and tempers flared when Liam Baker crashed into Swans defender Lewis Melican at the end of a marking contest.

Baker reloaded the flight to try and spoil Melican, but prepared late and appeared to make contact with Melican’s chest and head, prompting his Swans teammates to immediately protest to Baker and his teammate Tom Lynch.

Melican left the ground after executing his kick, but there appeared to be little concern as no concussion tests were administered on the bench and he played the game.


While Richmond welcomed Nathan Broad, Maurice Rioli Jr and Tylar Young back from their respective injuries, they were hit by further injury pain, with Dustin Martin and Dylan Grimes withdrawn from the side during the week.

Martin has battled the calf problem he suffered via a knock before Richmond’s opening match against Gold Coast – which he missed as a result – in their last two starts against Port Adelaide and Carlton, but has worsened the worry.

Grimes, meanwhile, has a wrist issue and the Tiger backline is already undermanned after Josh Gibcus suffered his ACL in the first round.

Their midfield was also light with Dion Prestia (hamstring), Jacob Hopper (knee) and Jack Graham (quad) on the sidelines.

Tom Lynch also sidelined with hamstring soreness in the final quarter and told FoxFooty after the siren that he wasn’t sure how serious the situation was.

“I think I did a little hammy, but I’m not sure. It’s pretty low, it was just a little weird,” Lynch said.

“We’ll wait and see, fingers crossed I just keep going for a little bit.”

RICHMOND 4.3 5.9 10.13

SYDNEY 2.1 7.5 8.9


Tigers: Taranto, Bolton, Baker, Lynch, Vlaustin, D. Rioli

Swans: Heeney, Lloyd, Rowbottom, Blakey, Grundy, Gulden


Tigers: Lynch 3, Baker 2, Lefau 2, Bolton 2, Mansell, Taranto

Swans: McDonald 3, Amartey 2, Heeney 2, Blakey, Fox, Papley, Gulden


Tigers: Lynch (hamstring)

Swans: Ramp (hamstring contraction)


45,122 at the MCG



3Nick Vlaustin (RICH)

2 Tim Taranto (RICH)

1Liam Baker (RICH)

Originally published as Richmond Tigers claim Adem Yze’s first win and end Sydney Swans’ unbeaten run

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