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What is Donald Trump worth? An overview of his assets and income

Former American president Donald Trump must meet a Monday deadline to post bond covering a $454 million civil judgment against him in a New York state case after a judge found he overstated the value of his assets .

His lawyers told the court it was impossible for him to raise that much money. In an article published Friday on Truth Social, its social media platform, Asset said he did nothing wrong. Failure to post bail could lead New York Attorney General Letitia James to seize his assets.

Trump’s lawyers did not respond to requests for comment.

Below is a breakdown of some of Trump’s assets and sources of income, based on court filings and federal financial disclosures. In some cases, the values ​​announced by Trump have been challenged in the New York civil lawsuit, which the real estate billionaire plans to appeal.

Trump said in the Truth Social post Friday that he had “nearly five hundred million dollars in cash.” In an April 2023 deposition to New York Attorney General Letitia James, he said he had “substantially over 400 million in cash.”

This figure increased compared to Trump’s previous revelations. A June 30, 2021 statement of financial position that Trump submitted to the court showed that he had $293.8 million in cash and cash equivalents at the time.

Trump has various sources of income, as shown in financial disclosure forms filed with the federal government in August 2023.

In 2022, Trump reported at least $537 million in golf course and hotel revenue, $30.4 million in licensing fees and royalties, $26.5 million in management fees and 61. $1 million in distributions from its stake in buildings such as 1290 Avenue of the Americas. New York.

Trump also earned $6.2 million from his speaking engagements and $116,103 in pensions from the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. Additionally, he reported proceeds of $268.7 million from his Washington, DC hotel, including a gain on the sale of the property, and nearly $1 million from the sale of two helicopters.

Trump owns hotels, office buildings, residential buildings, golf courses and estates. A June 2021 financial statement listed several of his most valuable properties, such as 40 Wall Street, an office building in New York, Trump Tower in Manhattan, and the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida. The financial report said his properties were worth $4.3 billion at the time, while Trump owed a total of $439.2 million in loans and other debts. His net worth is $4.5 billion.

Among his major properties, the document says golf clubs and other club facilities were worth $1.76 billion, New York buildings such as Trump Tower and Trump Plaza were worth $524.7 million and 33 .4 million dollars, and that his interests in two buildings jointly owned with Vornado were worth $645.6. million.

In the New York case, the judge ruled that Trump overestimated the value of some of those properties over the years, including inflating the value of 40 Wall Street by $120 million in 2015 and overestimating the value of Seven Springs, a property in the New York neighborhood. Westchester County, $147 million in 2014. The judge called Trump’s estimated value of Mar-a-Lago “fraudulent” and wrote that it was “perhaps a billion dollars or more » in relation to its market value.

Truth Social is worth about $6 billion, based on how shares of a blank-check acquisition company it is about to merge with are trading. Trump’s shares in the combined company are currently worth about $3.6 billion, and his percentage ownership could be between 58.1% and 69.4%. Trump cannot sell or borrow against his shares for six months after the merger is finalized.

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