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Wendy Williams’ family reveals impact of alcoholism on her


Wendy WilliamsThe family speaks candidly about his former struggle with alcohol, saying his addiction almost cost him his life.

Since canceling her talk show in June 2022, Williams has made countless headlines about his personal life and health.

Wendy Williams’ struggles with alcohol revealed in new documentary

In her upcoming Lifetime documentary, titled “Where’s Wendy Williams?” she discusses a number of topics, including her alcoholism and mental problems.

The production team had originally planned for the documentary to film his return and the launch of the podcast. But things took a darker turn when they brought Williams’ private issues to the forefront.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLEhis sister, Wanda, revealed that on several occasions over the past year, she and other members of her family feared receiving “that call.” She was talking about the call that Williams was dead.

“There have been times over the past year where everyone in this family wondered if that call (informing them that she was dead) was going to come in the middle of the night,” she said. explain. “Everyone in this family sat on tingles every night, with their cell phones right next to the bed. »

Wanda realized the severity of her drinking problem when Williams came to live with her family in Florida.

The family enforced a “no-alcohol” policy, which Williams was so unhappy with that she began excluding certain people from her life. His son, Kevin Hunter Jr., was also not exempt from this list.

According to PEOPLE, Williams’ drinking problems were already a problem before her abrupt exit from her show in 2021.

She reportedly showed up to work drunk, and it didn’t take long for team members to suspect something was wrong with the former radio personality.

Suzanne Bass, who was a producer on the Emmy-nominated syndicated show, added: “I knew she was struggling. How could I not? As her situation worsened, she pushed us away.

Lifetime considered canceling the show

Executive producer Mark Ford weighed in and said that initially he and his team wondered whether filming Williams’ struggles would ultimately harm her.

Ultimately, however, they decided to move forward with the project because Williams was adamant about a release date for the documentary.

Meanwhile, Wanda’s daughter Alex shed light on the uncertainty people seemed to have about what they had initially gotten involved with. That was until they saw what kind of state Williams was in when production began.

In part of the trailer released earlier this month, Williams scolds his manager: Will Selbywhen he arrives at his apartment in New York.

He blames her for a half-empty bottle of vodka. Given her health issues, such as Graves’ disease and lymphedema, it’s understandable that her family is hesitant to let her drink.

But when Selby asks her if she’s been drinking alcohol, Williams responds: “Fuck you.”

So…where is Wendy Williams now?

In May 2022, they appointed an independent legal guardian to oversee Williams’ finances and health. Family members still don’t know why the court initially made this decision since they sealed the court documents.

Additionally, only the guardian has unrestricted access to Williams, who reportedly still resides at the facility and cannot be contacted directly.

Wanda says she and her family have no idea where Williams is now and can only talk to her if she calls them. Her guardian is the only one who can decide when to take her out of the establishment.

“Where’s Wendy Williams?” premieres February 24 on Lifetime.

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