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Weekend Box Office: Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Rallies to $45 Million Opening

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire managed to open (slightly) higher than Afterlife, but is that enough to keep the franchise going?

After publishing figures on Friday which made the industry think that Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire would be below Life after deathAfter opening to $44 million, the sequel achieved a 3-day average opening of $45.2 million. While that’s certainly good news when it comes to bragging rights (and beyond the $40 million we fixed it has), for a film that cost over $100 million to make (and God knows how much more to market), this opening can only be considered a mediocre success. When we consider inflation and the fact that Life after death open during the pandemic, it cannot be denied that the Frozen Empire the audience declined. The B CinemaScore cited by Deadline is problematic, as it doesn’t bode well for the film having a lot of legs, especially with GOdzilla x Kong: The New Kingdom opening next weekend (Easter). Hopefully the holidays will help him grow his audience a bit, or I’m afraid it will ghost hunters last big screen adventure in a while.

Meanwhile, Denis Villeneuve Dune: part two managed to eclipse Kung Fu Panda 4 for an impressive finish of $17.6 million, just 38% off last weekend. The film currently totals $233 million domestically ($574 million worldwide), with a $300 million domestic finish remaining a strong possibility. Kung Fu Panda 4 comes in third with $16.8 million and a domestic total of $130 million, making it unlikely to finish north of $200 million unless it has huge legs at the box office over the next few weeks.

In fourth place is Neon’s Sydney Sweeney-led horror film, Immaculate, with $5.3 million. While it sounds bad, it’s actually Neon’s biggest opening yet and not a bad ending to a very controversial film. That of Mark Wahlberg Arthur the King finished fifth with $4.36 million. It seems like this family film would have been better suited to direct streaming, an area Wahlberg has excelled at in recent years with films like Spencer Metro And The Family Plan.

Late Night with the Devil David Dastmalchian

Probably the biggest (and most unlikely) success story of the weekend is Late night with the devil. This well-reviewed horror film grossed $2.83 million, representing the biggest opening ever for distributor IFC Films. Look for our interview with star David Dastmalchian tomorrow! Holdovers dominated the rest of the top ten, with Blumhouse’s Imaginary earning $2.8 million for a domestic total of $23 million. That’s not great for a film widely hated by the horror community.

A24 Love lies, bleeding appears to be struggling to connect with a mainstream, non-arthouse audience, earning just $1.58 million this weekend. It seems likely that it will end with a domestic price tag of less than $10 million. Angel Studios Cabrini earned $1.37 million for ninth place. Its domestic total is $16.1 million, but I expect the film to do well next weekend, since it’s Easter, and faith-based audiences might make it their breakout movie. predilection for parties. Bob Marley: A love rounded out the top 10, finishing just over $1.1 million. Its current domestic total is a few million short of $100 million, so it will be interesting to see if the upcoming holiday weekend propels it past the century mark.

What do you think of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empireis this the opening? Do you think that the ghost hunters franchise has had its day when it comes to the big screen? Let us know in the comments!

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