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‘We are all unique creatures…’: Rahul Dravid’s pragmatic take on the ‘spirit of cricket’ debate at the World Cup | Cricket News

After Angelo MathewsAfter a timeout expired during the Cricket World Cup match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, the debate on the ‘spirit of cricket’ was once again brought up. In the 146-year-old history of international cricket, such an incident has never happened where a batter was dismissed for not taking strike within the stipulated time. The heated deliberations began after Angelo Mathews was ruled out of time following a call from the Bangladesh captain. Shakib Al Hasan after the Sri Lankan batter was unable to get ready in time to face his first ball, following the dismissal of Sadeera Samarawickrama.

Former captain of the Indian cricket team and current coach of the Indian cricket team Rahul Dravid has now opened the debate on the “spirit of cricket”.

“Recently we have seen a few incidents which have again created a lot of debate, especially from the other side of the field. Playing with the spirit of cricket and maintaining the rule of cricket. So there is a lot of debate to this topic. So, I just wanted to know your point of view or that of the players, of those who play on the field. How do they deal with a situation like this?” Rahul Dravid was questioned by a journalist.

Indian cricket team coach Rahul Deravid gave a detailed response. “So I think as you just said yourself, everyone thinks differently. We are all unique creatures and we have our own minds and our own thoughts. And the players will be the same. Each of us will think differently to a particular situation.” And there’s no real right or wrong. You can go and debate both situations,” Rahul Dravid said in the pre-match press conference.

“You can debate whether we should stick to the rules as they are. Or whether you should sometimes leave a little leeway for a bit of cricketing spirit. And there will be people on both sides of the camp. And I think you just have to understand that it’s normal to have these differences.”

Rahul Dravid added that if someone follows the rules, that person cannot be blamed.

“It’s good to have these differences and some people may agree or disagree with certain decisions that have been made. Others will say no, it’s within the rules so I have the right to do it and that’s how it is, you know you can’t – when someone wants to push the letter of the rule of law to the last degree, I don’t think we can complain about it because honestly, they don’t just follows the rules as he sees them.

“Yeah, I mean, you might not do it yourself. I mean, you know, we might not do it, but you can’t blame someone for following it because that you have put this in place and you have to make room for that level of understanding of someone. Whether you choose to do that or not is entirely your decision.

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