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Vladimir Putin forgives man who stabbed ex-girlfriend 111 times while enlisting for war

Vladislav Kanyus served less than a year of his 17-year sentence.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has pardoned a convicted murderer after he decided to enlist in the war in Ukraine. Vladislav Kanyus has served less than a year of his 17-year sentence for brutally killing his ex-girlfriend, Vera Pekhteleva, reports suggest.

Kanyus had stabbed his ex-girlfriend 111 times, raped and tortured her for three and a half hours, for breaking up with him. He then strangled her with a metal cable, ultimately killing her, according to The sun. Hearing her scream, neighbors called the police seven times, but their calls went unanswered.

This revelation came after Vera Pekhteleva’s mother, Oksana, discovered photographs of Kanyus in military uniform holding a weapon. The grieving mother lamented: “It was a hard blow for me. My child will rot in his grave and I have been deprived of everything: of my life, of all hope.”

“I don’t live, I exist. It simply finished me, it completely finished me. I am a very strong person. But this anarchy in our state is pushing me into a dead end. I don’t know what. do next,” she cried.

Women’s rights activist Alyona Popova said on Wednesday that prison authorities had confirmed Kanyus’ transfer to Rostov in southern Russia, bordering Ukraine. She shared a letter from the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office dated November 3, stating that Kanyus had been pardoned and his conviction overturned by a presidential decree on April 27.

Oksana is heartbroken and blames Putin for pardoning her daughter’s killer. She is baffled by the decision to let him join the war after her daughter’s murder and now worries for her own safety. “How could a cruel murderer be given a weapon? Why is he sent to the front to defend Russia? He’s scum. He’s not a human being,” she said.

“(The killer) can kill any of us, the victims, at any time in revenge.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov defended the policy, saying Russian prisoners sent to fight in Ukraine atone for their crimes “with blood”, AFP reported. “Those who are found guilty, including for serious crimes, atone with blood for their crimes committed on the battlefield,” Peskov told reporters.

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