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US Vice President Kamala Harris expresses ‘deep concerns’ about situation in Gaza in talks with rival Netanyahu


American Vice President Kamala Harris expressed “deep concerns” about the situation facing civilians Gaza during his meeting with Benny Gantzmember of the Israeli war cabinet and main rival of the prime minister Benjamin NetanyahuAFP reported.
In a strongly worded statement posted on the White House website, Harris called on Israel to allow more aid into the Palestinian territory and urged Hamas to agree to a six-week delay. ceasefire agreement.
According to the statement, “The Vice President expressed deep concern about the humanitarian conditions in Gaza and the recent horrific tragedy surrounding an aid convoy in northern Gaza. The Vice President discussed the emergency to reach an agreement on the hostages and welcomed Israel’s constructive approach to the hostage-taking talks.”
Sharing details of the meeting with Gantz, the statement added, “the Vice President and Minister Gantz discussed the situation in Rafah and the need for a credible and feasible humanitarian plan before considering any major military operation there -low, given the risks to civilians.”
During his visit to the United States, Gantz is also expected to meet with National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Secretary of State Antony Blinken. He stressed the importance of speaking openly with friends and said that would be the approach taken at meetings.
Meanwhile, the White House played down concerns that the talks could strain relations with Netanyahu, saying Gantz had requested the meeting while he was visiting Washington.
U.S. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Israel had presented a ceasefire proposal and it was now up to Hamas to accept it.
Harris, who called for an immediate ceasefire on Sunday, also reiterated that there was no discord between her and President Biden. She said: “The president and I have been aligned and consistent from the beginning. »


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