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UK government denies seizing Khalistani’s bank accounts and confiscating Rs 100 crore


LONDON: The British government has denied reports that went viral in Indian media, saying that the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak ‘hit Khalistani networks’ in Britain and seized Rs 100 crore (£9 million) from more than 300 Khalistan Bank Accounts.
Numerous articles appeared online claiming that “in a wide-ranging crackdown”, Sunak had seized more than 300 bank accounts belonging to Supporters of Khalistan UK. They claimed that Rs 100 crore had been “confiscated”, with an additional 5,000 bank accounts of those leading or supporting the Khalistan movements under surveillance, and that Rs 20 crore had been withdrawn from a Sikhs for Justice account.
One article claimed that Sunak’s government had formed a special task force with the aim of dismantling the financing network of Khalistan supporters and that it had so far “uncovered suspicious transactions across Canada, the United States United, Australia and New Zealand” and even contacted the government. FBI.
TOI forwarded these stories to the UK headquarters. “A Home Office spokesperson said: “The Home Office does not recognize these claims. »
A government official told TOI: “The UK is proud of its diverse communities and British Sikhs contribute enormously to the strength of our society. No form of extremism is acceptable in the UK, and we have a duty as a government to disrupt and counter violent and divisive ideologies, however they manifest. »
Dabinderjit Singh, senior advisor to the Sikh Federation (UK), said: “When this news broke we were inundated with inquiries. We told everyone who asked that this was almost certainly fake news… This was immediately brought to the attention of Tom Tugendhat, the UK Security Minister, as another example of use of fake news from Indian media sources to promote transnational repression. The fact that the British government and Indian authorities remained silent added to our suspicions that it was fake, but we made it clear to British ministers and politicians that they must denounce this fake news which only harm.


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