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Two FSU professors named rising stars by Florida Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine

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Two Florida State University faculty members will receive Rising Star Awards from Florida Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.

Mariana Fuentesassociate professor in the Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences, and Gregg Stanwoodassociate professor at the Faculty of Medicine, will be honored during the annual meeting of the organizationwhich will take place on November 3 and 4 in Orlando.

Fuentes’ research provides a critical scientific foundation to contribute to the recovery of sea turtles and other endangered marine species. Its multidisciplinary approach improves our understanding of fundamental ecological questions and helps determine how marine species will be affected by different disturbances. His recent work focuses on the impact of recreational fishing, vessel interactions and climate change on sea turtles.

“My research allows managers and policymakers to better anticipate and mitigate impacts on marine wildlife, and identify stressors they should mitigate to maximize species conservation,” Fuentes said. “By managing and conserving marine megafauna, we enable healthy ecosystems, which has a positive cascading effect across the entire ocean.”

Stanwood is a developmental neurobiologist who explores the effects of genetic and environmental interactions on brain development. In a recent study, his lab showed that receptors targeted by drugs that treat metabolism, diabetes and obesity – Ozempic is a popular example – are also involved in the addictive effects of cocaine and other drugs . An upcoming project funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will examine the interactions of harmful chemicals and psychosocial stressors such as adverse childhood experiences on children in the southeastern Immokalee community. West Florida.

“I’m really excited to be part of a team that is bringing together new data sources to put together to create new cumulative risk exposure models,” Stanwood said. “I think this is very impactful and can be life-changing in a positive way, not only for members of the Immokalee community, but can also be scaled to other communities across the state and across the country. Our team is uniquely positioned to jointly assess chemical and non-chemical stressors – for the first time.

Fuentes and Stanwood are among 11 faculty members from Florida universities who will be honored as rising stars. Other faculty are from the University of Florida, University of Miami, University of Central Florida and Florida International University.

The Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine of Florida (ASEMFL) was established in 2018 and strives to inform Floridians of current and future issues in science, engineering and medicine and to meet the associated challenges. The organization provides unbiased expertise on issues that concern the state and helps facilitate scientific interactions.

The academy also named Pamela Keel, distinguished research professor in the Department of Psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences, and Theo Siegrist, professor of chemical and biomedical engineering in the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, to joining this year’s class.

To be selected for ASEMFL membership, individuals must live or work in Florida and be members of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, or be nominated by an ASEMFL member and have a exceptional list of achievements, national and international recognition.

Visit for more information about the organization and this year’s meeting.

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