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Trump jokes that DeSantis walks like he’s wearing ice skates thanks to his use of height boosters

At a campaign event in New Hampshire on Saturday, Donald Trump made a little comedy about Ron DeSantis, making fun of his height and the alleged use of boosters in his boots, which he was quick to decry to point out that he did not need to do so. stand.

“By the way, I don’t carry an elevator either,” Trump told the crowd, heading toward the MDRs. “I don’t have 6-inch heels.” From there, he goes on to do an impression of DeSantis walking around at a recent event they both attended.

“The biggest moment of the debate was when Ron DeSanctimonious was walking off stage and his feet, it’s weird, because his cowboy boots have a high heel on the outside but inside there’s a big deal going on (makes a swinging motion with his hand here), and he walks like this (does a silly walk in the direction of something you’d see Nicolas Cage do in one of his weird roles) He walks off stage like s “He was trying to balance. I thought he was wearing ice skates.”

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