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Trump and Haley face off in the Republican primary in Washington


WASHINGTON: Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Nikki Haley will face off Sunday (March 3) in the Republican primary in Washington, D.C., a low-stakes contest that could be one of Haley’s best chances for a victory in the ‘former president.

The U.S. capital sends only 19 of 2,429 delegates to the Republican National Convention in July, where the candidate is officially selected. Sunday’s results are unlikely to change the trajectory of a race that Trump appears to have set up, having won every previous nomination contest.

Still, the District of Columbia, as D.C. is officially called, could be exceptionally fertile territory for Haley, said a senior official at the SFA Fund, the main super PAC supporting Haley’s candidacy.

In the last race for the Republican nomination in Washington in 2016, Trump received less than 14% of the vote and no delegates, even though he won the nomination nationally.


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