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Travis Kelce May Have Caught Taylor Swift’s Attention With His SNL Appearance


Taylor Swift may have had her eyes on Travis Kelce months before the Kansas City Chiefs star tried to send her a friendship bracelet during one of her shows.

Swift was thinking about Kelce’s appearance in Saturday Night Live in March 2023, it was funny, according to Ben Marshall of the New York-based comedy trio Please Don’t Destroy, who was hired to produce content for the series in 2021. Marshall spoke with comedian Mike Birbiglia in a recent episode of the podcast Working on it.

“We worked with Taylor and Travis Kelce before they got together,” Marshall told Birbiglia. “And we can stop that if you don’t want to say that, but she kind of told us that she watched his episode of SNL and she saw it in our video and she was like, ‘This guy looks funny.’ So a little bit brought them closer together.”

News week contacted Swift’s representation via email for comment.

Travis KelceTaylor Swift
Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift share a moment after the Super Bowl on February 11. Swift may have noticed Kelce during an appearance on “Saturday Night Live” before they started dating.

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In Kelce’s appearance with Please Don’t Destroy, the three-time Super Bowl champion plays Kurt Lightning, an over-the-top self-defense instructor who attempts to teach the trio how to defend themselves.

In the sketch, which escalates absurdly, Kelce, as Lightning, exalts each member of Please Don’t Destroy before violently knocking out two of them.

“Woohoo! Too slow, fat,” Kelce exclaims at one point, dancing and throwing punches in the shadows.

For her part, Swift appeared with the trio in 2021 as part of their “Three Sad Virgins” sketch with Pete Davidson.

Swift and Kelce started dating five months after his turn as Kurt Lightning. Their relationship took the NFL world by storm when she attended his team’s game against the Chicago Bears last September, sitting with Kelce’s mother, Donna, in a luxury suite.

In his interview with Birbiglia, Marshall said the comedy group wanted to talk to Jimmy Fallon about their Kelce/Swift relationship but didn’t want to deal with the blowback if the couple broke up.

“I think if they break up, we’ll be blamed in some way for this disaster,” Marshall said. “It’s just a very precarious situation. People have very strong feelings.”

Please don’t destroy, you can rest easy now: Kelce and Swift still seem to be in great shape after the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory last month. After she attended 13 of his matches this year, including all the playoff matches, he traveled to Australia to see her play during her Eras tour. The couple also took a private tour of Sydney Zoo.

“We’re just having fun with it. We’re enjoying every moment of it,” Kelce said on ESPN. Pat McAfee Show shortly before the Super Bowl. “I love it when Taylor comes out to support me and enjoys the game with family and friends. But it’s just been a wonderful year.”