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Tori Spelling reveals the shocking Dean McDermott ‘red flags’ she saw during the first MONTHS of dating! – Pérez Hilton

The writing was on the walls from the first months of the relationship Dean McDermott. It looks like Tori Spelling I just refused to read it!

In the days that followed Beverly Hills, 90210 alum filed for divorce from her husband, we hear more and more about what motivated his decision. And it looks like it’s been a long time coming.

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In his short story spelling mistake podcast, whose first episode debuted Monday, the 50-year-old revealed that in the first months of her whirlwind romance with the Canadian actor, “red flags” were already flying. Obviously it started with cheating because they were both with other people. But it’s worse! She spilled:

“I like to say I just like making dresses with red flags, and then I kept going. But yeah, there were definitely red flags. He had anger issues and it started while we were dating, about 4 months later.


And FOUR MONTHS LATER! Tori added that her “temper” was often “fueled by alcohol,” which we I have heard a lot about over the last few months. She says:

“So when he was drinking, it was hard because I knew at some point it would turn. And I knew, you know, it was always different. It could be two drinks, it could be five, six drinks. And then I saw it spinning and I was like, “Oh, here we go.” »And then it became my dance on eggshells.

This is NEVER a healthy situation to be in… And to think she was there for 18 years! THE True Tori the star continued:

“No matter what I said, it wasn’t right and I would have to, in my head, be like, ‘Okay, quick, quick, watch out.’ It was like a fight. A mental battle. “I think he could aim here and if he aims here with what he says, I’m going to respond that way and that will take him down.” And I got to the point where nothing would make sense and I would just know to stop talking.

BIG yeah.

Why stay all this time? As she said in the podcast, if they hadn’t had kids, she probably wouldn’t have stayed almost so long. Eh. Well, thank goodness she’s moving on to a healthier stage of her life now, right?

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