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Tori Spelling gets candid about filing for divorce in new podcast


Tori Spelling shared a moment of vulnerability in the first episode of her podcast, spelling mistake.

Spelling, who filed for divorce from Dean McDermott on March 29, began the episode by admitting that she hadn’t yet told McDermott that she had filed the documents. At the time the episode was taped, it had just become “public,” she said.

“I have to call him now. He is at work. It sucks,” she said.

The “Beverly Hills, 90210” actress said she was told she could only tell her ex about his proposal “once it was accepted and publicly released.”

She is then heard calling McDermott and leaving a message saying she needs to speak to him.

“I’m very nervous because I don’t like confrontation,” she said after hanging up.

McDermott calls her back while she records the episode and Spelling recorded her part of the conversation.

After speaking, Spelling told her friends in the room with her that she “has never felt so alone in 50 years.”

“I don’t feel worthy of being loved. This is the truth,” she said.

The two have been married for 18 years, but Spelling said she has wanted to file for “about 15 years” but didn’t because of the couple’s five children.

“We always say, ‘Hey, it’s been 18 years. This shouldn’t have lasted 18 years,” Spelling said. “And I think he’d say the same thing if he and I had a real heart-to-heart.” It would have been over much sooner. »

Spelling added that the two began having problems just months after they met.

“We had this period of falling in love very, quickly, passionately,” she said. “Everyone talks about red flags. I like to say that I just like to make dresses with red flags and then move on.

She mentioned that anger issues contributed to the couple’s problems.


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