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Top science advisor to Canadian government provides update on official UFO study


The Canadian government’s top science adviser says her office will release a public report on UFOs by early fall.

Speaking to lawmakers in Ottawa this week, Mona Nemer also said more could be done to make UFO information accessible to Canadians.

“I think there is room for improvement in terms of collecting, reporting information, but also making it available to researchers and the public,” Nemer said. Parliament’s Science and Research Committee on Tuesday.

“I can understand that some, you know, may pose national security concerns, but I believe that overall you can make the information public – and I think that’s the best way to mitigate the theories of conspiracy and disinformation.”

As Canada’s chief science advisor, Nemer leads an independent office that reports directly to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. In March 2023, revealed the existence of the office’s Sky Canada Project, which is the first known official Canadian study of UFOs in almost 30 years.

“We should be on track to release the report in late summer, early fall,” Nemer said Tuesday. “I think our report is going to be quite fascinating historically, so stay tuned.”

Project Sky Canada contacted its counterparts in the United States and France, while also collecting information from Canadian departments and agencies such as the Department of National Defence, Transport Canada, the Canadian Space Agency and the Royal Mounted Police. from Canada.

“The enthusiasm or responses have been uneven,” Nemer revealed. “Sometimes the information is more complete or, you know, more cryptic than we would like. That’s why, in some cases, I will work directly with deputy ministers to ensure we have the information we need. “

Also called “UAP” – short for unidentified anomalous or aerial phenomenon – this seemingly strange subject is increasingly being taken seriously and has become the focus of recent Hearings in the US Congress and the official reports of both NASA and the Pentagon.

The Sky Canada project even now has its own web page which describes its mission.

“The Sky Canada project was launched in the fall of 2022 to study how public reports of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) are managed in Canada and to recommend improvements,” he explains. “The Sky Canada project supports citizen science and aims to facilitate the collection of observations documenting rare natural phenomena.”

The webpage also makes clear that Nemer’s office does not seek to receive reports from the public.

“It should be noted that the Sky Canada Project is not intended to access or collect first-hand data,” reads a disclaimer at the top of the page. “Furthermore, this is not intended to prove or disprove the existence of extraterrestrial life or extraterrestrial visitors.”

A cardiology scientist and former vice-president of research at the University of Ottawa, Nemer has held her current position since its creation in 2017. The Office of the Chief Science Advisor of Canada has previously published reports on topics such as COVID-19, fish farming And open science.

“I can tell you we take this seriously,” Nemer told lawmakers Tuesday. “We are taking a very thorough approach to this and ensuring that our recommendations are based on the best evidence and interactions we have had.”

One sooner February 2023 PowerPoint Presentation on the project Sky Canada has set the public report publication date for winter or spring 2024.

A A previous investigation showed how UAP reports are processed by the Royal Canadian Air Force, Transport Canada, air traffic controllers and otherswho received them from witnesses like civilians, soldiers, police officers, air traffic controllersand the pilots on medical, military, cargo, passenger And other flights.

Nemer answered questions Tuesday from Conservative parliamentarian Larry Maguire, who has become one of Canada’s most important MPs. Ardent advocates for UFO transparency.

“The chief science adviser’s plan is a signal to government, the scientific community, the media and Parliament that they can no longer ignore this,” the Manitoba MP said. previously told “The Chief Science Advisor’s team has appropriate permissions to delve deeper into existing data and must have access to everything.”

Tuesday was the first time Nemer spoke publicly about the Sky Canada project since its launch nearly a year and a half ago. You can watch the nearly nine-minute exchange between Maguire and Nemer above.

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