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Tips | How to use your smartphone to photograph the solar eclipse


For approximately 4 1/2 minutes on April 8, millions of Americans will see their Monday plunge prematurely into darkness.

If you’re lucky – or if you’ve planned a trip in the path of this year’s total eclipse – you’ll be part of it. And what better way to mark this moment than with some magnificent eclipse photos?

The catch: Capturing interesting images of virtually anything in space with a phone can be tricky, especially when your subject is a huge, glowing ball of gas. Need proof? Go outside, try taking a photo of the midday sun, and see if you capture anything other than just indistinct brightness.

Luckily, taking photos of a total eclipse is easier than you might expect, as long as you’re prepared. Here’s how you could get some great eclipse photos for your recordings without hurting yourself or your phone.


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