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Thousands take part in pro-Palestinian rally at the US consulate in Toronto

Another pro-Palestinian rally drew large crowds in Toronto on Saturday afternoon, with thousands filling the downtown streets.

The rally is part of the Palestinian Youth Movement’s “National Day of Action for Palestine,” which aims to facilitate rallies and demonstrations in cities across the country to express demands for a cease-fire. immediate fire and the lifting of the “siege of Gaza” to allow immediate aid.

The rally began in front of the American Consulate in Toronto, located on University Avenue, just north of Queen Street West.

Toronto police reported several road closures following the protest, with the most recent intersection being College Street and University Avenue.

Several streets in downtown Toronto were closed as more than 5,000 people marched holding signs reading “end the siege” and “liberate Palestine.”

Dalia Awwad, a member of the Palestinian Youth Movement, told CP24 on Saturday that they are calling for a ceasefire and for the Canadian government to take action.

“If Israel refuses to comply with ceasefire demands, Canada can stop selling weapons to Israel. The United States can stop selling weapons to Israel, which would allow it to continue bombing civilians,” she said.

“We are very clear and consistent with our message that we are voting for them so they can advance our interests and not theirs, and right now they are not doing what they are failing to do.”

This is the fourth consecutive weekend of major protests in Toronto related to the war between Israel and Hamas.

MPP Sarah Jama, who represents Hamilton Center as an independent after being expelled by her party, is expected to attend the rally.

Jama was recently censored by the progressive conservative government for her comments on social media about the war between Israel and Gaza, in which she expressed support for the Palestinian people and called for an end to the “occupation of the land.” Palestinian”.

The statement omits any mention of Hamas or the attack that sparked the latest wave of violence in the region.

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