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The practical aspect of Web3: user-friendliness, security and democratization

Neweconomics 2023 is set to explore the intersection of technology and economics in the modern digital world as the conference opens its doors to the public for the first time on November 14-15 in Lisbon.

The event will analyze decentralized finance, NFTs and user experiences, focusing on pragmatism. Newconomics will also explore ethical considerations related to the rapid evolution of Web3, addressing issues of data privacy and inclusiveness.

Diverse experts in finance, technology and ethics are expected to converge at this two-day conference to provide comprehensive and nuanced perspectives on how Web3 technologies are changing the world in real time.

Newconomics promises to be a curated journey into the practical, experiential and ethical dimensions of Web3, promising a transformative exploration of this revolutionary technology.

Making blockchain accessible

CryptoOracle Collective Senior Contributor Stephen Allen is set to share his insights on the complex nature of blockchain and cryptography. Known for his ability to simplify the intricacies of blockchain and cryptography, Allen brings a measured and unbiased perspective to the web3 landscape.

According to Allen:

“Blockchain technologies are great, but we really need to work on them if we want to make them as accessible as possible…”

The demand for accurate and intuitive user interfaces has become paramount in the ever-expanding world of decentralized systems. As blockchain and DeFi regain traction, bridging the gap between complexity and accessibility becomes crucial.

Allen is set to delve into the critical need for improved user experience and the vast potential of decentralized finance (DeFi) at Newconomics 2023. He will also explore how blockchain-enabled transparency could reshape various industries.

The ethical boundary: white hats versus black hats

Newconomomics also welcomes Dyma Budorin, co-founder and CEO of Hacken, for a presentation to explore the complex dynamics of ethical hacking in the web3 ecosystem.

The keynote, titled “White Hats vs. Black Hats,” will look at the ongoing battle between security professionals (White Hats) and malicious hackers (Black Hats).

Budorin aims to provide a neutral and comprehensive understanding of the cybersecurity landscape, with web3 gaining more and more ground every week. The presentation will provide an overview of the evolving strategies employed by ethical hackers and their adversary counterparts, focusing on security, privacy, and ethical considerations.

In the dynamic world of Web3, the growth of decentralized systems depends on the fundamental principles of security, privacy and ethical considerations. As the digital landscape evolves, these fundamental principles provide the foundation, ensuring resilient systems, user-centric privacy and responsible innovation.

AI in advertising: reality versus hype

Roy Taylor is set to deliver a keynote speech at the upcoming Newconomics event, addressing the theme of “The Convergence of Brands and Advertising”.

Taylor is the founder and CEO of Ryff, a leading AI-enabled virtual product placement company. His talk will analyze the transformative role of AI in contemporary advertising. The keynote will examine real advancements enabled by AI, differentiating them from industry buzzwords.

Drawing on his experience leading Ryff, Taylor will discuss how AI is reshaping advertising, particularly in areas such as personalization, programmatic processes and strategic planning.

Beyond technological changes, the presentation will explore the ethical dimensions of AI-based advertising. Key focus areas include data privacy, consumer rights and the potential for manipulative practices.

Taylor’s ideas promise to provide a comprehensive understanding of the intersection between brands and advertising in the context of AI, offering guidance to industry players seeking to harness the potential of AI while maintaining standards ethical.

The Global Concern: Wealth Inequity

The invention of Bitcoin brought the possibility of finally solving one of humanity’s oldest and most pressing problems: wealth inequity. Michael Healy, co-founder and CEO of Unit Ventures, is set to deliver a speech that will delve deeper into crypto’s profound impact on creating meaningful jobs and alleviating economic disparities.

Known for his interest in social impact and positive change, Healy has a wealth of experience as a self-taught full-stack web developer and mobile engineer.

As the driving force behind successful companies such as Chatride and Ratemash, Healy has consistently demonstrated his commitment to entrepreneurship, education and individual empowerment.

In this keynote, Healy will draw on his extensive experience and expertise to highlight the potential of cryptocurrency to connect suppliers and customers, enabling businesses and individuals to issue tokens for specific purposes.

The talk is set to explore how crypto can catalyze social impact, reflecting Healy’s vision of providing tools, opportunities and knowledge to young entrepreneurs.


The immense potential of web3 offers nuanced challenges and ethical considerations that shape the decentralized landscape. As we navigate this era of transformation, its multifaceted nature demands a delicate balance between innovation and responsibility.

Although the potential for decentralized systems to redefine industries is unprecedented, challenges related to security, privacy, and ethical dilemmas highlight the need for proactive solutions. Platforms like Newconomics 2023 are at the forefront, providing crucial space for leaders, innovators and thinkers to collaboratively address these issues.

The industry and community must remain vigilant, proactive and committed to building a decentralized future that resonates with the principles of transparency, inclusiveness and responsible innovation.

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