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The best tax software of 2024


TurboTax is one of the most popular tax filing software options due to its easy-to-use user interface, in-app support features for different filing and tracking situations, and Expert support option that you can use at an additional cost. It’s also the most expensive option on this list, and Intuit, its owner, has had some issues. with the FTC for falsely advertising its products as free, when only a portion of the population was eligible for free services.

But there’s a reason it seems like everyone uses tax filing software. Year after year, TurboTax retains your data and imports previous data into this year’s return, reducing the time it takes to update your documents. It’s ideal for freelancers and self-employed people to upload receipts and manage deductions, and simple filing is also easy with seamless W-2 and PDF import.

The platform offers numerous educational resources that explain the muddy process of filing taxes, such as a tax bracket calculator, a self-employed expense estimator, and information on the latest tax law changes.

You can find free versions for simple returns such as W-2 income, child tax credits, earned income credits, and other standard deductions. The Deluxe option which starts at $39 offers everything Free Deposit offers plus itemized deductions. The Premier option offers the aforementioned deposits, plus rental and investment income deposits for $69. And the Self-Employed option offers everything you need to file as a self-employed or freelancer for $89. If you need additional help filing your taxes but want to do most of the work yourself, you can purchase the Live Assisted option which ranges from $0 to $169, depending on your situation. Or you can have TurboTax do it all for you for a starting price of $89.

Free filing is possible, but your filing must be fairly simple, so any type of charitable donation, self-employment, unemployment income, or complex form you file will cost you more. But if you’re a W-2 worker, have dependents, and pay rent, you might be eligible to file your taxes for free with TurboTax.


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