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The Beatles release Peter Jackson-directed music video for their ‘final song’ – watch here

The music video for The Beatles’ “final song”, featuring never-before-seen footage of the band, has been released.

The song Now And Then was released yesterday and presents the four Beatles. Now the music video, directed by three-time Academy Award winner Peter Jackson, offers fans never-before-seen footage of the legendary group’s early days.

Now And Then was originally written and recorded by John Lennon in the late 1970s and later developed by the other members of the group, including George Harrison, in 1995.

Limited technology meant they were unhappy with the sound quality and did not release the single.

However, new audio restoration technology, pioneered by Jackson, has made it possible Sir Paul McCartney And Mr. Ringo Starr to complete the song more than four decades after the first recording.

The song was released yesterday as a double A-side with a remastered version of the band’s 1962 debut single, Love Me Do, and cover art by American artist Ed Ruscha.

There have already been almost five million streams of the audio version of Now And Then on YouTube, with other fans listening on streaming sites like Spotify and Apple Music.

Jackson revealed in a statement posted on the Beatles’ website that he was “very reluctant” about creating the accompanying music video.

Peter Jackson in 2019

“To be honest, just thinking about the responsibility of having to make a music video worthy of the last song The Beatles will ever release has spawned a collection of anxieties almost too overwhelming to handle,” he said.

“My lifelong love of The Beatles hit a wall of pure terror at the thought of letting everyone down.

“This created intense insecurity in me, as I had never made a music video before and was unable to imagine how I could even begin to create one for a band that broke up years ago. is over 50 and had never actually performed the song., and half of its members were no longer with us.

“It was going to be a lot easier to do a runner.”

The Beatles
The Beatles

Jackson said that in the end it took him so long to “find a good reason to turn down the Beatles” that he “never actually agreed” to do it. He just got carried away.

“I knew the Beatles don’t take no for an answer if they’re thinking about something.”

The filmmaker received “a few precious seconds of The Beatles performing in their leather jumpsuits, the first known Beatles film and never before seen.”

The Beatles in 1962. Photo: Black Country Images/Alamy
The Beatles in 1962. Photo: Black Country Images/Alamy

The video shows the Beatles acting “relaxed, funny and quite candid” and Jackson hopes it will “bring a few tears to his eyes”.

He also received more than 14 hours of footage from the 1995 recording sessions.

Jackson added: “Coming to the end, I’m very happy that I’m not waiting for someone else’s Now And Then video to come out.

“I am truly proud of what we have achieved and will cherish it for years to come.”

“Now And Then” is the Beatles' final song – written and sung by John Lennon, developed and worked on by Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, and now finally finished by Paul and Ringo more than four decades later.
Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr develop Now And Then in 1995

The release of the clip comes as Beatles super fans queued all night at a special launch event in Liverpool to get their hands on a vinyl copy of Now And Then.

And it was none other than John Lennon – a Beatles fan who changed his name by Alan Williams’ deed poll in April 2022 – who purchased the first copy of the newly released track in the early hours of Friday morning.

Next Friday, two albums – remastered and expanded versions of the 1962-66 and 1967-70 collections – will also be released.

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Beatles superfan John Lennon, who changed his name by deed poll from Alan Williams in April 2022, holds the first copy of the recently released latest Beatles song Now And Then following an event in special midnight launch at HMV Liverpool, allowing hometown fans of all four members of The Beatles to be the first to get their hands on the new music.  Photo date: Friday November 3, 2023. Photo date: Friday November 3, 2023.
Beatles fan John Lennon, who changed his name by deed poll from Alan Williams in April 2022, holds the first copy of Now And Then

Speaking in a documentary released on Friday about the recording of Now And Then, Sir Paul said: “How lucky was I to have these men in my life and to work with these men so intimately and to deliver such musical corpus?

“Still working on Beatles music in 2023 – wow.

“Now And Then is probably like the last Beatles song. And we all played on it, so it’s a real Beatles recording.”

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