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Terrifier 3: Everything We Know About Art the Clown’s Christmas Story


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Writer/director Damien Leone had a budget of around $55,000 to work on his hit horror film Creepyand a budget of “a little over” $250,000 for Terrifying 2, which was a huge success when it released in 2022, earning $15.1 million at the box office. Since the second film did so well, it’s no surprise that a Terrifying 3 is just around the corner. In fact, the film is on track to hit theaters this Halloween season, on October 25th. In anticipation of the film’s release, we decided to put together a list of the information we’ve heard so far. Keep scrolling to find out Everything we know about Terrifying 3!


While the previous two films took place around Halloween and the new sequel is still released on Halloween, this one changes the setting. The supernatural slasher Art the Clown will ruin Christmas in a film whose synopsis is as follows: Art the Clown is about to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting residents of Miles County as they sleep peacefully on Christmas Eve.

The Christmas setting is the focus of a trailer made months before. Terrifying 3 actually entered production:


The names of the new additions to the cast have not yet been revealed, but it has been confirmed that David Howard Thornton will reprise the role of Art the Clown, while Lauren LaVera will return as Art the Clown. Terrifying 2 heroine Sienna and Elliot Fullam return in the role of Jonathan, Sienna’s brother. Samantha Scaffidi returns as Creepy And Terrifying 2 character Victoria Heyes. Chris Jericho, who made an appearance in Terrifying 2is also back Terrifying 3 – but he let everyone know that his appearance in the film won’t last very long. So we can probably expect to see Art wreaking havoc from the start. Leone said Deadline(Chris Jericho) is super excited. This one is going to pick up where part two left off, in the insane asylum, so you’re going to see what happens there, what chaos unfolds, because seeing how Art and Victoria ended up is is so crazy, and seeing how they get out of this situation and what happens next is going to be truly wild. So we need to bring Chris back in there and see how he becomes part of this situation.

As for the new characters… a while back, industry scooper Daniel Richtman sharing a batch of character descriptions (made for the casting process) which give some details about the potential victims we will encounter in the film:

12-15 years old, Female, white – Gabbie is energetic, precocious, sometimes sassy and full of life. A young girl curious about the world beyond her peaceful suburban life. She is Sienna and Jonathan’s cousin and idolizes Sienna as the big sister she never had…

40 years old – early 50 years old, female, white – aka Aunt Jess, she is the aunt of Sienna and Jonathan; she is intelligent, stable and empathetic with a fighter’s heart, but unlike her late sister Barbara (Terrifying 2), she has a gentle soul. As Greg’s wife and Gabbie’s mother, Jess is the glue that holds her little family together… SUPPORT LEAD

40s – early 50s, male, white – aka Uncle Greg; he’s your all-American “everyone’s favorite uncle” type; a strong and loving provider for his wife (Jessica) and daughter (Gabbie). The “cool dad”. He is a well-groomed man, with a strong and athletic physique…

18-22, male, open ethnicity – Cole is Jonathan’s college roommate. Jonathan’s cool nerd guy. Brother”. Cole and his girlfriend Mia have a big, strong energy when they are together, which can be magnetic or become sinister and obnoxious. The role requires an intimate shower scene and partial nudity (back/buttocks)…SUPPORT

18-22, Female, Open Ethnicity – Mia is Cole’s girlfriend; a cute, fun, popular student with a bit of a naughty side. Mia and Cole have a big, strong energy when they are together, which can be magnetic or become sinister and obnoxious. The role requires an intimate shower scene and partial nudity (back/butt/side)…SUPPORT

Terrifying 2


Terrifying 3 is actually the fourth feature film containing Art the Clown. Before doing CreepyLeone introduced the character (then played by Mike Giannelli) in short films included in the 2013 horror anthology. All Saints’ Eve. While preparing for the third film, Leone said: “One of my main goals for Terrifying 3 is to recover the creep factor present in the original Creepy short film. It had a truly spooky atmosphere that I’m still proud of. If everything goes as planned, Part 3 will be the scariest Creepy so far.»

The filmmaker also wants the third film to be more like the first. Creepy functionality. Speaking to Variety, he said Terrifying 3 will “let’s return a little to the tone of the first part, which I found a little more simplistic and old school, gritty slasher. I want this one to go back in that direction, and I want it to be the scariest of the trilogy. This one will actually have a bit more of an evil connotation, so it will hopefully be the scariest and darkest. I want to feel like the audience going into this one isn’t as comfortable with Art the Clown as they think they are now. I want to see if I can really scare them again.»

Terrifying 2 went heavy on the supernatural elements. As Leone described it to InsiderThere are blatant religious mythical images, clear as day. A story of heaven and hell is happening. And the clown is this resurrected demon and Sienna gradually becomes aware that she is a kind of angel from the Old Testament ready to fight and experience this metamorphosis.» When asked if he received constructive criticism on Terrifying 2 that he keeps in mind for the next sequel, he replied: “I wanted Second part have a Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors ambiance to that. That was my tone in the back of my mind and I knew I was really going to embrace that supernatural, fantastical element. I also knew I was going to alienate a handful of fans by going this route. Personally, I love it. There are a lot of people who don’t like the fantasy, or at least they need more explanation as to why all this is happening. I didn’t want to explain everything Second part, so I will explain to you as we go along. But the biggest mistake I could make now is to double down on this fantasy aspect. This is why I want to correct course a little; let’s go back to Nightmare on Elm Street, Part One, instead of going further Dream Warriors. This could be a very useful review and help me make a better film in the future. But we’ll see.Leone also aims for the new film to be less than two hours long (Terrifying 2 was 138 minutes).

Leone also works to make sure there’s an element of fun in all of this. He said The Hollywood ReporterI always want there to be lightness. Art the clown must be his charming and quirky self. I want the audience to know that this is just a fictional world. We’re here to have fun and I don’t want them to leave the theater unhappy. But at the same time, there’s a way to make it seem like you’ve never met Art the Clown before. That’s what I want the audience to feel. I want them to feel like this is a very terrifying and unpredictable character, and even though you think you know him, you don’t know what’s coming.

Terrifying 2


THE Creepy the films are known for their moments of extreme gore, and Terrifying 3 it won’t be any different. Since this one has a budget of “a few million”, Leone brought in a Hollywood FX team to help him create the nauseating effects. (For previous films, all bloodshed was provided by Leone and producer Phil Falcone.) He said he aimed to make this one the bloodiest, most sadistic and most depraved film of the group. “If you thought Art the Clown’s reign of terror in Part 2 was extreme, you ain’t seen nothing yet.


Terrifying 3 Filming began in early February 2024 and will likely wrap any day now, if it hasn’t already. Leone shared some photos of Art the Clown while they were filming:

And that’s all we know Terrifying 3 at this point. Are you looking forward to this supernatural slasher sequel? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Terrifying 3


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