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Sydney dating app graffiti stunt backfires


A car left spray-painted with messages “cheater”, “scum” and “I know what you did” in central Sydney has sparked a social media frenzy.

Now the people behind the apparently vengeful plot have confessed it was a stunt to promote the dating app on Thursday, after painting the gray Peugeot with insults and parking the vehicle on Foveaux St in Surry Hills on Friday afternoon.

“You may have seen our little waterfall in Sydney!” the account published Thursday on Instagram.

“We don’t have huge budgets to spend on influencers, big billboards or fancy TV ads, so we got creative to get your attention! (No cars were damaged during manufacturing),” the post continued.

However, people are far from impressed.

This bold marketing move first caused a stir online, as people were desperate to know the reason behind the act of revenge and, as one TikTok user commented, “to hear his side of the story “.

However, within hours, the dating app company – known for only working on Thursdays – claimed responsibility for the matter and people were quick to share their thoughts.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s (their) car, what matters is the message you send.” Why would you want your dating app to be associated with cheating and vandalism? What is supposed to be the takeaway here? » » asked one follower.

“It’s actually terrible marketing. Even if there is an explanation, it still won’t make sense. I had so much hope for this brand but now I’m very confused,” replied another.

“I can’t imagine this doesn’t backfire,” a third commented.

Although not everyone was completely sold on the idea, the occasional comment praised the move and said Australians should relax.

“All I learned here is that people in Sydney have no sense of humor. This would have received a good response in London,” one person wrote.

“It’s nice to see that some people still have a sense of humor! U GO GIRL,” a second user replied.

According to Thursday’s Instagram account, the viral stunt was pulled off by the city’s new representative for Thursday events, Sophie Youngs.

In a statement shared on her personal Instagram account, Ms Youngs explained that she had graffitied her own car to promote the launch of Thursday’s events in Sydney.

“I spray painted the car to get your attention, it wasn’t real…but for all you singles who are tired of dating apps, you need to download Thursday,” her statement read.

According to the dating company, Thursday events are the designated place in every city for singles to come together and meet in real life.

Singles’ nights go hand in hand with the dating app, which is live-only for people to “meet and chat” every Thursday for 24 hours only.

Despite the negative reactions, one thing is certain. The idea that “any publicity is good publicity” continues to thrive in the dating game. contacted for comment on Thursday.

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