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‘Supergirl: The Woman of Tomorrow’ would star Krypto

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… a dog!? A new report seems to suggest that Krypto the Superdog is set to make an appearance in the upcoming DC Studios film. Supergirl: the woman of tomorrow.

This news arises from a new Variety report covering Ana Nogueira tapped by DC Studios to write Supergirl: the woman of tomorrow. The article suggests that Krypto will not just appear in the film, but will act as a featured player alongside Krytpon’s final daughter. This is interesting considering that Supergirl is more commonly known for owning a cat in the DC Universe than Krypto himself.

This wouldn’t be the only DC Studios project to feature Krypto in the coming years, oneJames Gunn strongly suggested that the Superdog appear in Superman: Legacy. This could mean that Supergirl: the woman of tomorrow will end up being closely tied to DC Universe’s freshman release. Currently, there are no dogs attached to the role of Krypto the Superdog in the DC Universe.

Who is Superman: the woman of tomorrow the writer Ana Nogueira?

As Supergirl: the woman of tomorrow begins to take shape under the pen of Ana Nogueira, the project is only in its beginnings, with several key elements still to be finalized. The film has no director attached and no release date has been set, reflecting the recent completion of the Nogueira deal.

Ana Nogueira may be familiar to readers from her acting roles in The Vampire Diaries, The Michael J. Fox Show And The blacklist. Beyond her acting accomplishments, Nogueira has also built a successful career in writing. His piece Which way to the stage made her off-Broadway debut in 2022. She is also involved in the adaptation of the short story Mothers, lock up your daughters for Warner Bros. and 21 Laps.

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