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“Super Tuesday”, big day for Biden and Trump in the race for the American elections: 10 points


Super Tuesday was a defining moment for candidates as the US presidential race tightens

Millions of Americans are expected to vote simultaneously on “Super Tuesday”, the day of the US presidential primary cycle when most states hold party nomination elections.

Here are 10 points about “Super Tuesday”

  1. “Super Tuesday” is one of the busiest days in the American election calendar. It was a watershed moment for the candidates as the U.S. presidential race tightens.

  2. On Super TuesdayRepublicans will hold nominating contests in 15 states and Democrats in 15 states and one territory.

  3. The March 5 competitions will take place from Maine in the northeast to California on the west coast, as well as in the remote Pacific territory of American Samoa.

  4. Primaries or caucuses are also planned in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont and Virginia. Voting in Alaska will only cover the Republican primary, with the state’s Democrats voting on April 6.

  5. Super Tuesday should be the leader of Indian origin Nikki Haley’s Last Chance to prevent former US President Donald Trump from winning the Republican nomination for the November 5 presidential elections.

  6. In the Republican runoff, 865 of 2,429 delegates will be up for grabs. At least 1,215 delegates are needed to win the nomination at the Republican National Convention in July.

  7. On the Democratic front, the American president Joe Biden His party is widely expected to reappoint him to the post. About a third of the Democratic delegates will be chosen on March 5.

  8. Republicans already held their contest in Iowa earlier this year, and on Tuesday, Democrats will announce the winner of their mail-in ballot in that state.

  9. Trump’s campaign predicts he will win at least 773 delegates and surpass the magic number needed to secure the nomination.

  10. Before Super Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court ruled Donald Trump a major victory and prohibited states from disqualifying candidates for federal office under a constitutional provision involving insurrection and overturning Colorado’s exclusion from its ballot.

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