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Stunning new image shows massive star forming in Scorpius constellation


Hubble telescope captures spiral galaxy

Hubble telescope captures spiral galaxy 70 million light years away


A spectacular new image of The Hubble Space Telescope shows a probable new star forming in the Milky Way constellation Scorpius.

The telescope, operated jointly by NASA and the European Space Agency, spotted the likely star forming about 5,900 light-years from Earth. the agencies said in a press release.

The region where the star appears to form has been named IRAS 16562-3959. The forming star has about 30 times the mass of the sun, NASA said, and is likely to be among the brightest stars in the galaxy.

The Hubble Telescope’s detailed cameras have allowed space agencies to take spectacular and colorful photos of the emerging star. The shadow areas in the image are created by light-obscuring dust that blocks certain wavelengths of light, according to the press release.

This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image depicts a relatively nearby star-forming region known as IRAS 16562-3959.

ESA/Hubble & NASA, R. Fedriani, J. Tan

In the upper left and lower right parts of the image, a powerful jet from the forming star clears this dust, allowing the camera to capture bands of bright colors. These colors come from “four distinct filters” placed in front of the camera’s light sensors, which allow “very specific wavelengths of light to pass through each observation,” according to the press release. By studying these wavelengths, astronomers and scientists can learn more about the composition, temperature and density of the region being photographed.

The constellation Scorpio, where the star appears to form, is a zodiac constellation that resembles a scorpion, with the red star Antares at the center, according to the astronomy site EarthSky. The constellation is best visible in July and August.


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