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Stephen Fry reveals weight loss drug Ozempic made him vomit five times a day

Stephen Fry has revealed he started taking Ozempic to lose weight but had to stop because the drug made him vomit up to five times a day.

The 66-year-old actor and comedian said he received the vaccine – a treatment originally designed for people with diabetes – from his doctor in the United States “years ago”.

Speaking on the River Cafe Table 4 podcast, Fry describes how the first week of his stay Ozempic reaped “astonishing” results, which made him believe he had found a “brilliant” solution to his weight loss efforts.

“I’m an early adopter of these things,” said Fry, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2018. “And I happened to be in America and I had read articles at this subject.”

“I asked my doctor in America, my doctor, as they like to call them, and he said, ‘I think I can get you some.’

“He tried me out and (for) the first week or so I was like, ‘This is amazing. Not only do I not want to eat, but I don’t want alcohol of any kind. It’s going to be awesome”. ‘.

“Then I started feeling sick, and I started feeling sicker and sicker. I was literally throwing up four, five times a day and thinking, ‘I can’t do this.’ is all.”

Rapid weight loss

In August 2019, the actor told BBC Breakfast that after reaching almost 21 kilos in April that year, he lost five and a half kilos in four months by walking a lot and eating sensibly.

It is unclear whether the weight loss coincided with the period Fry took Ozempic.

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Fry told the BBC: “I walk a lot and it also improves my mood, I find. It’s not a guaranteed help with mental stress, anxiety or anything else, but it helps me and it means I can listen to audiobooks while I walk, and podcasts, and you log the miles that way and, speaking of eating, you eat sensibly.

Ozempic works by suppressing the appetite and prolongs the time food stays in the stomach, leading to weight loss – at least as long as you continue to take it.

It was banned as a treatment for obesity in the UK due to high demand for the drug, causing a global shortage.

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