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State of the JetBrains Developer Ecosystem 2023: Python Pips JavaScript in Language Learning Plans

Python comes in first, closely followed by JavaScript and Java in the list of languages ​​people want to learn.

This year’s JetBrains State of the Developer Ecosystem survey shows that respondents are quite happy with their current position, with only a quarter of respondents feeling neutral or negative about their position. The lifestyle section of the 2023 survey reveals that respondents are serious about learning intentionally and informally throughout their workday.

Respondents showed great interest in learning new languages, with Python (27%), JavaScript (24%), and Java (21%) topping the list that they have started or continue to learn. More than 50% of those who learn new languages ​​do so out of interest, while 44% and 43% of learners are motivated by personal projects and following the latest trends, respectively. Python’s popularity is confirmed by the TIOBE Index, and the continued explosion of needs for AI, automation, data analytics and visualization in many organizations makes it a useful language for any developer.

How developers love to learn

Survey responses also show that a majority of developers (67%) enjoy learning through documentation and APIs. This is no surprise, since 75% of respondents said they stopped taking courses or programs before completing them, with 46% citing lack of time and 39% saying the course wasn’t interesting enough . These statistics may indicate that programmers like to master the basics through traditional means before looking for use cases similar to their project goals.

When viewing IT-focused articles online, 62% of respondents find tutorials useful for their work, followed by news (55%) and trends (54%). Developers tend to access IT news on social media (50%), IT-focused websites (48%), and YouTube (45%) where experts and practitioners tend to provide great insight. part of the content. Among social sites, respondents reported actively using accounts on GitHub (76%), X (Twitter, 48%), LinkedIn (48%), and StackOverflow (47%). With the possible exception of X, each of these platforms is directly linked to professional development and learning. Developers are looking for professional content that makes them better at their jobs, ready to find the next thing, and prepared for the next big thing.

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