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Star fumes as hit film ‘deleted’ before release


The Coyote vs. Acme, since sidelined, Will Forte, opens up to his fans and collaborators.

The actor took to X (the former platform known as Twitter) today to post a message presented in four screenshots, which he addressed “to the cast and crew of Coyote vs. Acme” by Variety.

“I know many of you haven’t had the chance to see our film. And unfortunately, it looks like you never will,” he lamented.

He continued: “When I first heard that our film was “deleted,” I hadn’t seen it yet. So I thought what everyone else must be thinking: this thing must be a pile of junk. But then I saw it. And it’s incredible.

He praised the project as “super funny, visually stunning, sweet, heartfelt and emotionally resonant in a very deserved way.”

“As the credits rolled, I just sat there thinking about how lucky I was to be a part of something so special,” he reflected. “It quickly turned into confusion and frustration. Is this the movie they’re not going to release?

Forte admitted that “when it comes to Hollywood business stuff, I don’t know anything about it.”

“Even when a film tests very well (like ours), there is no guarantee that it will be a success,” he said. “And at the end of the day, the people who paid for this movie can obviously do whatever they want with it. That doesn’t mean I have to like it (I hate it). Or agree with that. And that’s not to say that this film is simply magnificent.

He told the cast and crew that they “would be very proud of it”, believing it was “a film that should be seen, but won’t be”.

“Please know that all the years and years of hard work, dedication and love you put into this film is reflected in every frame,” he shared. “That’s it, folks.”

The news broke in November that Coyote versus Acme — whose cinema release date was scheduled for July 2023 and which was finally granted to barbie – was set aside in exchange for a tax deduction, according to the deadline.

Forte’s message comes nearly three weeks later LeWrap released a report revealing that after deciding to shop the film to other studios, Warner Bros. reportedly rejected offers from Netflix, Paramount and Amazon. Only time will tell if the film will find a buyer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the company revealed in an “earnings filing” that it took a $115 million writedown on shelved projects in the third quarter of last year, although the films involved in that figure did not been clarified. The outlet reported that the company said the writedown was part of a “strategic realignment plan associated with Warner Bros. Pictures Animation Group.”

The live-action/animated project starred Forte as Wile E. Coyote’s lawyer, and also featured the talents of Lana Condor and John Cena, the latter playing the CEO of Acme, according to TVLine. Coyote vs. AcmeEditor-in-chief Carsten Kurpanek thanked Forte in the comments section of his post for his thoughtful words.

“You are one of the kindest people I have ever met and I am so proud to have been able to put on your wonderful performance,” he added.

Just like Coyote versus Acmé, Warner Bros. by David Zaslav had also deleted Bat girl And Scoob! vacation den, by Variety, the first of which was deemed “unpublishable.” Leslie Grace, who starred in Bat girl alongside Michael Keaton, said Variety that she felt “there was definitely potential for a good film” after watching an incomplete version.

“The movie that I got to see — the scenes that were in it — were incredible,” she shared.

This story was originally published on Decision maker and is republished here with permission.


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