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Solana grows 9% as developers launch update to combat network congestion


Solana developers have released a version 1.17.31 update to help the blockchain network combat the congestion issues it has been facing over the past month.

In an April 15 article on X, Solana’s Status said:

“Version v1.17.31 is now recommended for general use by MainnetBeta validators. This release contains improvements that will help alleviate current congestion on the Solana network.

Notably, this development marks the first step in a series of upgrades aimed at alleviating network congestion issues.

Lately, Solana has experienced an increase in transaction failures. Analysts attribute these problems to the growing popularity of blockchain and intense network activity, fueled by automated bots looking for arbitrage opportunities.

The update

Anza, a devshop focused on Solana, said the update “contains improvements that will help alleviate some of the current network congestion and will be followed by further improvements in v1.18.”

The company added that validators should only upgrade to the latest patch when there is less than 5% outstanding stake on the network.

An image shared by Rex St John, developer relations manager at Anza, showed that version 1.17.31 introduces several network improvements, including better visibility of staked and unstaked packets, refined processing of very low nodes stake in the quality of service of the streamer and Minimum flows improved by 100 ms for the established nodes.

SOL increases by 10%

Following the upgrade announcement, Solana’s native SOL token rebounded from its former rut to print a 10% gain in the first few hours of trading.

Data from CryptoSlate shows the digital asset hit $156 before correcting slightly to $152 at press time. It’s a stunning reversal for a digital asset whose price had fallen to around $120 over the weekend, amid a broader market decline.

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