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‘Shahid Afridi didn’t understand…’: Shoaib Akhtar on Abdul Razzaq’s ‘viral comment’ on Aishwarya Rai | Cricket News

File photo by Shoaib Akhtar

While criticizing Pakistan team’s performance in the 2023 World Cup, its former all-rounder Abdoul Razzaq went too far by making a controversial comment about Indian actress Aishwarya Rai. Alongside Razzaq at the press conference, personalities like Umar Gul and Shahid Afridi were also present. Although Gul and Afridi did not make this comment, their refusal to condemn him at the press conference left a bitter taste in the mouths of many people, including Shoaib Akhtar. After criticizing Gul and Afridi for their reaction to Razzaq’s comment, Akhtar presented another perspective in a new social media post.

After the video of Razzaq and Afridi’s comment, Gul’s reaction went viral on social media, Akhtar slammed the trio. Later, however, the Rawalpindi Express suggested that Afridi was not capable of understanding what Razzaq had actually said.

“Just had a word with @SAfridiOfficial. He called and said he really didn’t understand what was said or he would have condemned it on the spot.

He also condemned it on TV and with me on phone,” Akhtar tweeted.

Earlier, Akhtar had tweeted, “I strongly condemn the inappropriate joke/comparison made by Razzaq. No woman should be disrespected like this. People sitting next to him should have raised their voices right away rather than laugh and applaud.”

Since the controversy heated up, Razzaq has issued a clarification, apologizing for his comments. Even Afridi and Gul issued statements saying they condemned what happened during the press conference.

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