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Seven months in prison for thief who stole bag with Olympics security plans


PARIS: A man was sentenced to seven months in prison for stealing a bag containing Olympic security plans from a Paris town hall employee, a judicial source confirmed on Saturday March 2.

The man, born in 2001, appeared in court in the French capital on Friday after the flight Monday evening from a train at the capital’s Gare du Nord.

The bag belonged to an engineer from Paris City Hall, who had placed it in the luggage compartment above his seat.

The crime sparked concerns when a police source said the bag contained a computer and two USB sticks with security plans for the Paris Olympics.

However, the Paris prosecutor’s office later clarified that the USB key “contained only notes on road transport in Paris during the Olympics and not sensitive security information.”

The suspect was “already known” to the police for thefts on public transport, particularly in early January, the judicial source said.

In addition to theft as a repeat offender, the accused was also on trial for refusing to give his telephone code to the authorities.

The city employee will be the subject of an investigation to determine whether he violated internal security rules by traveling with the USB key, indicates a press release from Paris town hall.

Around 35,000 security agents are expected every day for the Olympic Games from July 26, 2011, including around two thousand municipal police officers from the capital.

As well as managing crowds and preventing street crime, police will be on alert for possible terrorist plots, with France being a target of extremists over the past decade.

The Paralympic Games are scheduled to take place from August 28 to September 8.


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