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Royal expert says everyone will feel ‘really guilty’ about Kate


A royal expert has warned that anyone who doubted the Princess of Wales throughout this latest saga will feel “horribly ashamed” when the truth comes out.

American royal podcaster Kinsey Schofield spoke to News from the sky host Rina Panahi about Kate’s recent drama and called out some celebrities for “making light” of the situation.

“I know someone who goes to school with her children,” she said.

“I also have another contact in the neighborhood, and they both said they saw her and that the neighborhood was fiercely protective of her.

“They think all this speculation is ridiculous and unfair, based on the information they have.

“They also told me that once we all have the same information, we will all feel incredibly guilty.

“You know, Kim Kardashian making fun of the Princess of Wales, Blake Lively making fun of this topic, everyone is going to be horribly ashamed and feel really guilty about the way we’ve behaved throughout this whole process. »

In response, Panahi acknowledged that much of the speculation and attention got worried and wondered why Kate couldn’t just show everyone that she was fine.

“She is one of the most visible members of the royal family, one of the hardest working members of the royal family, to disappear from view, with no other explanation than the fact that she had an operation abdominal, no explanation of what it was or what the recovery time will be, you I have to understand that the royal family knows that they will accept this kind of conjecture.

“They are not naive, so the way they handled the situation gives rise to even more rumors.

“If she’s fine and can be seen all over the village, why can’t she do a 10-second zoom video and say, ‘I understand people are curious, I understand people are worried, but I’m going to Well, I will.” return to full-time duties as soon as possible.

“It would shut up all this madness and rumors.”

Schofield added that she thought the royal family was trying to take a leaf out of Queen Elizabeth II’s book to “keep calm and carry on” and “not listen to the noise.”

However Panahi stressed that Queen Elizabeth II worked “even when she was ill” and until her death in September 2022.

She also said that the late queen “knew how to handle” the media and believes that what the royal family is currently doing is giving rise to more rumors, such as the claim that Prince William had an affair.

Watch the full pictures from Kate’s shopping trip here

“What I can tell you is that no one has been able to prove these rumors,” Schofield responded.

“They started around 2018 or 2019. This lady Lady Rose is actually a friend of the Princess of Wales. Oliver, his son, was a page at the coronation of King Charles last year.

“In August 2023, the Princess of Wales spent the night with Rose and her family as she was hosting an all-night festival at her estate.”

A recent video, obtained by TMZ And The sunwhich shows Kate carrying bags outside a local farm shop with Prince William, failed to silence online trolls, who speculated that the woman in the clip was a body double.

In the images, the Princess of Wales can be seen smiling and relaxed during her shopping trip near her home in Windsor.

The mother of three, 42, wore a dark hoodie and leggings and carried her shopping bags while chatting with her husband in the farm store car park.

The sighting marks the first time Kate was spotted in publicexcept for two blurry paparazzi photos of her traveling in a car, since she had surgery in January and last week’s Photoshop scandal.

However, the sighting sparked a new wave of ridiculous theories online, including that the woman in the photo is a lookalike.

Others suggested the images were created using artificial intelligence (AI).

Professional lookalike Heidi Agan revealed her Instagram was bombarded with comments asking if the woman in the photo was her.

“There has obviously been some speculation as to whether it was Kate and William in these images and stills,” Ms Agan said. The mirror.

“Actually, my own social media has gone crazy because people think it’s me, but I know it’s not.

“I was at work at the time, so I know it’s not me. I 100% believe it’s Kate Middleton and William in this video.

The whereabouts of the Princess of Wales have been at the center of speculation for weeks.

Her absence accelerated after a botched attempt at Photoshop last week led to a mandatory kill notice from the world’s biggest photo agencies and an awkward apology from Kate herself .

A witness at the Windsor farm shop said she was “pleasantly surprised” to see the Princess of Wales. in public and healthy again.

“After all the rumors going around, I was stunned to see them there,” they said.

“Kate was shopping with William and she looked happy and healthy.

“The kids weren’t with them, but it’s such a good sign that she was healthy enough to go shopping.”

The Princess of Wales was admitted to hospital on January 16 for an abdominal operation, with her return to public life planned for Easter.

Kate’s last public appearance was on December 25 during the royal family’s traditional walk to the Christmas morning service at Sandringham.

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