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Rethinking wealth: is traditional investing enough for a happy retirement?


Freia Skogstad

Traditional personal finance advice often recommends investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds for a steady 5-7% annual return. But is this conventional path enough for financial freedom and a comfortable retirement?

An average American household earning $60,000 per year could save 20% of their after-tax income, resulting in an annual investment of $5,200. Assuming a 5% interest rate on a 10-year debt of $30,000, the annual debt payments are $3,800. Aiming for an annual return of 4%, this strategy nominally returns $62,431.20 over a decade, thanks to compounding. However, taking into account an annual inflation rate of 3.2%, real purchasing power drops to $45,596.71highlighting the impact of inflation.

Projection over 35 years, if ten years of constant investment result in a return equivalent to just one year’s salarythen a career that spans 35 years might only produce a savings equal to about four years’ salary. This harsh reality calls into question the effectiveness of conventional advice against inflation and rising costs of living.

Alternative investments, like cryptocurrencies, offer the potential for higher returns that can better protect against inflation. While carrying more risk, they also present an opportunity for significant growth in purchasing power, essential for a truly comfortable retirement.

For example, a $1,000 investment in a promising crypto asset could potentially grow to $10,000 or more in 1-2 years, far exceeding the growth timeline of traditional stock investments.

Engaging with cryptocurrencies requires a strategic approach. Understanding market cycles, particularly the timing of Bitcoin halving events, can inform better investment decisions. Historically, entering the market before a halving and exiting 12 to 18 months later offers advantages. Dollar cost averaging (DCA) for entry and exit helps mitigate the risks of market volatility.

Starting small or using a DCA strategy around important market events can introduce individuals to this industry without compromising the stability that traditional investments offer.

This analysis invites the exploration of a wide range of investment opportunities. By integrating alternatives such as cryptocurrencies with traditional investments, individuals can develop a diversified strategy that fits their financial goals and risk tolerance.

To enjoy a secure and comfortable retirement, one must explore various investment options. By adopting a strategy that includes both traditional and newer investments and understanding how inflation affects savings, you can better prepare for the future.

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