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Harshita Katiyar

RedotPay, a well-known cryptocurrency payment network headquartered in Hong Kong, has launched its Genuine Visa card, taking an important step towards global accessibility. The article examines the features, application methods, security measures and limitations of its cutting-edge payment solutions.

What is RedotPay?

RedotPay is a payment solutions provider known for its forward-thinking approach. The company offers a virtual card that can be used in online transactions. For a limited time, the virtual card is free. So customers should take advantage of this opportunity. It is also linked to SpectroCoin, a website that offers a free card allowing customers to fully utilize PayPal. It was linked to various marketing initiatives, one of which allowed users to earn $200 in a single day by signing up through a specific link and ordering a card using the app. However, it is a relatively new entrant in the payment solutions industry.

Features of the RedotPay card

  1. Redotpay offers physical and virtual cards for use in online transactions.
  2. The network supports virtual assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and USD Coin.
  3. Users can manage their virtual assets through an app on their mobile wallet.
  4. For a limited time, Redotpay is offering a free virtual card.
  5. The software allows users to withdraw money from Global ATMs using their real cards.
  6. Additionally, a PIN must be required to access the platform and carry out transactions.
  7. Users can withdraw their virtual assets from the platform using its withdrawal methods.
  8. Additionally, it is an innovative and user-friendly payment solution for consumers who want to manage their virtual assets and transact online using these features.
  9. RedotPay’s revolutionary Buy Crypto card makes it easy to buy Bitcoin. Allowing people to purchase various digital goods immediately eliminates the need for sophisticated external transactions.
  10. The software provides consumers with exceptional flexibility and diversity by supporting a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including altcoins and Bitcoin.

How to apply for a RedotPay card?

Applying for a RedotPay card is simple and can be done entirely using the RedotPay app. To request a physical or virtual card, users must first download the application from the Apple Store or Google Play and authenticate their identification there. However, the card application fee must be pre-loaded into the RedotPay wallet using cryptocurrencies.

It is crucial to note that RedotPay does not serve residents of certain countries or regions; Users should check the official website for more information before validating their identity and making deposits.

Physical card application process

  1. Complete the identity verification process and deposit the digital assets required for physical card payment.
  2. Go to the card request page, choose the physical card option, then click the “Order card” button.
  3. Enter your billing address, shipping address and personal signature.
  4. Complete the payment.
  5. When you receive a successful application message, wait for the card to be created and mailed.
  6. After obtaining the card, activate it according to the instructions.

Virtual card application process

  1. Complete the identity verification process and deposit the digital assets required for virtual card payment.
  2. Go to the card request page, choose the virtual card option, then click the “Order card” button.
  3. Enter your billing address.
  4. Complete the payment.
  5. Wait for a moment and the virtual card will be activated successfully.

RedotPay card limitations and fees

Networks and cryptocurrencies supported by RedotPay

How to link the RedotPay virtual card to Apple Pay, Google Pay and Alipay?

Apple Pay

Google Pay


RedotPay mobile app

The RedotPay app provides consumers with a seamless experience. It enables online application and real-time approval of the RedotPay card, which can withdraw local currency from ATMs and spend crypto currency worldwide. Additionally, the app also allows Binance Pay deposits and has received excellent reviews for its simplicity and user-friendliness. Additionally, the mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices on the Apple Play Store and Google Play Store, respectively.

RedotPay card security protocols

RedotPay uses Sumsub’s services for KYC procedures, which are necessary for authenticating customers’ identities and backgrounds. Additionally, it offers each user a unique blockchain address, isolating the card from the user’s assets for added protection. This security ensures that issues like RedotPay card freezing do not put users’ assets and wallets at risk.

Additionally, it protects consumers’ digital assets by entrusting them to an authorized service provider or enterprise service provider (TCSP), guaranteeing ownership rights even in the event of company bankruptcy.


In conclusion, the launch of RedotPay’s physical card represents a significant step forward in the general public’s adoption of cryptocurrencies in everyday transactions. Its seamless integration into the existing financial system paves the way for the peaceful coexistence of cryptocurrencies and fiat money in the future.

Is the RedotPay card a credit card?

Yes, RedotPay is a credit card.

Which digital wallets can be linked to the RedotPay virtual card?

RedotPay virtual card can be linked to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, PayPal, Grab, Uber, Line, Trip, Airbnb.

How long does the withdrawal review process take?

Working hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (UTC+8) – approximately one hour.

Non-working hours, public holidays and exceptional weather circumstances last approximately 24 hours.

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