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Queer Women Behaving Badly: These Movies Abandon the Coming Out Story


“What I noticed about these three films in particular is also that they are all funny and light-hearted,” Glass said. “But inevitably, I think a lot of the discussion around this is very dark. And I think what turns a lot of people off, especially if they’re not gay themselves, is that people become very defensive and feel like it’s about checking boxes, or some sort of “eat your greens” thing, which is bullshit. .”

Emma Seligman, who directed “Bottoms” and wrote its screenplay alongside Sennott, had a harder time getting the film picked up. Her critically acclaimed first film, “Shiva Baby,” wasn’t yet in theaters when she sent in the script for “Bottoms.” There were so many no’s – and then just one yes, Alana Mayoanother queer woman, at Orion Pictures.

Queer films “were always considered cult classics,” Seligman said, “because they weren’t marketed to a large mainstream audience. And this is how homosexuals must have discovered them over the years. And I think now we’re in an era of cult classics coming right out of the gate. Because they may not do very well at the box office, but the audience they are intended for will find out about it immediately, simply because of social networks.”

Like Seligman, Ethan Coen, solo as director after working for years with his brother Joel, struggled to get “Drive-Away Dolls” off the ground with his wife and co-writer, Tricia Cooke. They wrote the script in the early 2000s, bought it in 2006 or 2007, and just failed to get anyone interested. That changed dramatically in 2022, when Focus Features was completely receptive.

“I think they fill a void,” Cooke said. “We’ve never had lesbian comedies, or not many. And the time had come. Coen joked, “Everyone should have their stupid movies.” »And now, finally, we do.


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