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Putin set to rule Russia for another six years despite limited opposition

NEW DELHI: Russian President Vladimir Poutine is set to continue his reign for another six years after three days with limited opposition. The election, which took place in a controlled environment, did not result in any public criticism of Putin or his actions in the country. Ukraine. Alexei, Putin’s political rival Navalnydied recently, leaving other critics in prison or exile.
The 71-year-old leader faced symbolic opposition from Holidays favorable to the Kremlin, without significant challenge to his rule or the invasion of Ukraine. Despite boasts of Russian successes, a Ukrainian drone attack has highlighted continuing challenges. The Ministry of Defense announced that it had shot down 35 drones, without causing any casualties.
RussiaThe country’s economy, despite sanctions, has shown resilience, with the defense industry driving growth. The scattered opposition called for protests through the vote, supported by Navalny before his death. Voting took place in all time zones across the country, including annexed regions of Ukraine, and online, with cases of vandalism at polling stations. Incidents include a professor jailed for trying to disrupt the vote and a woman fined for spoiling her ballot.
Putin has framed the Ukrainian conflict as a battle against the West, highlighting recent progress despite Ukrainian resistance. Air raid sirens sounded in a border town, where casualties were reported. The Defense Ministry has said it wants to thwart Ukrainian incursions, following reports of armed groups entering Russian regions.
Western leaders have criticized the elections, pointing to limited monitoring opportunities for independent observers. Only approved candidates or state-backed organizations could appoint observers, reducing oversight by independent watchdogs.

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