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Putin names the real Russian elite


The men and women who work and fight for Russia are the country’s true elite, President Vladimir Putin said.

Russia’s true “elite” are people who work and fight for their country, rather than those who got rich through questionable means in the 1990s, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said.

The president made the remarks Thursday during his opening speech to the Federal Assembly, a gathering of top Russian officials and public figures.

“The very word “elite” has been widely discredited by those who, having no merits for society, consider themselves a kind of caste endowed with special rights and privileges. I mean specifically those who in previous years , lined their pockets through all sorts of processes in the 1990s economy. They are certainly not elites,” the president said.

Russian leaders are also seeking to change their personnel policy, Putin noted, saying that the “heroes of the special military operation” against Ukraine are those to whom the country can be entrusted with everything in the future. entire. The President announced the launch of a special personnel training program, called “Time of Heroes”, which will provide career opportunities to the most distinguished military personnel.

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“Veterans of the special military operation, as well as soldiers and officers currently fighting in front-line units, will be able to apply to participate in the first wave of training of this special personnel program,” Putin said. The training program is expected to launch in March.



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