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Portugal imposes 3-month data collection ban on Worldcoin


The Portuguese National Data Protection Commission (CNPD) announced on March 26 that it would ban Worldcoin from collecting biometric data for three months.

The CNPD said the limitations apply for 90 days until an investigation is concluded and a final decision is made. The ban applies to biometric data on the iris, eyes and face.

Ban details

The CNPD imposed this ban for several reasons. First, Worldcoin allegedly has “no mechanism to verify the age of members” and collected data from minors without parental permission.

Additionally, Worldcoin failed to provide enough information to users on certain topics, preventing them from deleting their data or revoking their consent.

The CNPD said the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides special protections for biometric data and minors. He also mentioned other possible violations of GDPR standards and said that all these factors warrant urgent intervention against Worldcoin.

Paula Meira Lourenço, president of the CNPD, called the new measures an “indispensable and justified measure” at the moment, as they will protect the rights of the public and minors.

Worldcoin denies any wrongdoing

According to a separate Reuters report, Worldcoin denied any wrongdoing and claimed it did not allow miners to register through the ORB.

Worldcoin Foundation Data Protection Officer Jannick Preiwisch said Worldcoin is “fully compliant with all laws and regulations in its areas of activity.

Preiwisch said Worldcoin had not heard CNPD talk about these issues before. He claimed Worldcoin had “zero tolerance” for miner registrations and said the project was responding to the reports.

Worldcoin highlighted that it recently introduced a user-controlled personal custody model, giving users greater control over their data. It initially announced the new model on March 22 by releasing its Orb software under an open source license.

Spain also imposed a three-month ban on Worldcoin’s data collection activities on March 6 for identical reasons. The collection of biometric data has also raised concerns among regulators in several other countries, with Kenya calling it “espionage”.

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