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Oops ! Michelle Williams Jokes About ‘No One Recognizing Her’ in New Commercial (Watch)


Phew! Flatmates, Michelle Williams tapped into a still-viral topic when she appeared in a new ad last weekend.

Anyone familiar with the Destiny’s Child era knows that Michelle was a member of the group and often carried a message! But her girl group counterparts, Beyoncé and Kelly Rowlandseem to be in the spotlight more often.

What Michelle Williams said in a new commercial

In the new Uber One commercial, Michelle Williams joked that she was “unrecognizable” despite her contributions to one of the best-selling girl groups!

The commercial opens with Michelle sitting on a bench in a park. A woman next to her shows no signs of recognizing her as she eats a bowl of fruit. Speaking to herself, Williams blurts:

“You know what’s disappointing? I was in one of the most iconic girl groups and no one recognized me. YOU Michelle Williams joked.

In the next scene, she seems excited when someone shouts “Michelle”. But she quickly realizes that the man shouting “Michelle” is chasing his dog of the same name.

At the next beat, the woman next to her finally asks, “Are you Michelle Williams?” Again, the singer seems excited, only for the woman to say, “You dropped your wallet” and hands him a purse.

Disappointed (go chops), Williams comments, “At least my Uber One savings don’t disappoint,” and the commercial ends.

Watch the hilarious ad below.

Michelle supports her ad while speaking to fans

On Monday, March 4, Williams commented further on her participation in the video and storyline. She seemed in good spirits about the final results, according to her Instagram post.

“I participate in the jokes. You all know that some jokes don’t really interest me, especially 24 years later. There are just some things that don’t interest me anymore. Michelle said.

Michelle Williams added that the ad was “A nice way to say ‘The joke isn’t on me, it’s really on you.'” In his words, the project was “so much fun.”

See his full reaction below.

While Michelle finds humor in “unrecognizable” jokes, her Destiny’s Child sister Kelly recently had to check out some radio hosts for overshadowing her work outside of DC.

Kelly politely asked the hosts to do her interview about her amid questions about the direction of country music from Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child. She had gone to the station to promote his new Netflix film “Mea Culpa”, a few days before its release.

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