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NuggetRush, Worldcoin and The Graph post strong gains


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In February, Worldcoin (WLD) recovered. At the same time, increased network activity on The Graph has pushed prices higher. Meanwhile, investors are looking to the NuggetRush presale. So far, over 202 million tokens have been sold.

NuggetRush is on the rise

NuggetRush presents a gaming adventure in which users participate in realistic mining activities, finding resources and selling them on a market.

It attracts people who are passionate about mining. These individuals could become your teammates or your competitors, depending on the game mode chosen. Every time you complete a mining challenge, you get NFT rewards and increased mining efficiency.

NuggetRush offers Rush Guild membership with benefits that include access to discounts, voting rights, and exclusive content. Additionally, all players can earn gold via RUSHGEM NFTs which can be traded on the in-game marketplace.

Pre-sale is in progress. In the fifth stage, NUGX is trading at $0.018 before rising to $0.020 in the last phase.

Worldcoin Rallies

In February, Worldcoin skyrocketed, nearly doubling.

WLD was trading at $3.2098 on January 5. Nearly three weeks later, WLD fell 30.1% to $2.2425 on January 25.

It surged 98.2% to $4.4451 on February 16, before another 92.2% jump to $8.5476 on February 25.

Worldcoin’s market capitalization now stands at around $1 billion, propelled by growing demand for its human identification services.

Additionally, the network announced a plan to upgrade its Orb, which is the core of Worldcoin’s services.

Analysts say the growing threat of AI models masquerading as humans will increase demand for its human verification services.

This could further increase WLD prices in the future.

Chart rises to $3.20

Reports from coin trackers show that GRT’s market capitalization now exceeds $1 billion.

GRT was trading at $0.1601 on January 20.

It fell 2.6% to $0.1559 on February 1.

GRT recovered 10.4% to $0.1722 on February 13 before surging 70.7% to $0.294 on February 26.

Analysts expect more network activity on The Graph following the launch of the Technical Advisory Board (TAB).

Each of the six members of the TAB would work closely to accelerate research and development on the network.

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