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Nikki Haley wins the Republican primary in Washington, D.C., her first victory in the 2024 nominating contest


Nikki Haley won the Republican primary in the District of Columbia, securing her first victory of the 2024 campaign.

His victory on Sunday at least temporarily stops that of Donald Trump. GOP election sweepeven though the former president is expected to pick up several hundred additional delegates in this week’s Super Tuesday races.

Despite her early defeats, Haley said she would stay in the race at least through these contests, although she declined to name the primaries she was sure she would win. After last week’s defeat in her home state of South Carolina, Haley remained adamant that voters in ensuing places deserved an alternative to Trump, despite his dominance so far in the campaign.

The Associated Press declared Haley the winner Sunday evening after D.C. Republican Party officials released the results.

Haley will receive the 19 delegates at stake during the DC competition. The victory gives him 43 delegates nationwide, well behind Trump’s 247.

The victory also made Haley the first woman to win a Republican primary in United States history.

Washington is one of the most Democratic jurisdictions in the country, with only about 23,000 registered Republicans in the city. Democrat Joe Biden won the district in the 2020 general election with 92% of the vote.

Haley held a rally in the nation’s capital Friday before returning to North Carolina and a series of states holding Super Tuesday primaries. She joked with more than 100 supporters in a hotel ballroom: “Who says there aren’t Republicans in Washington, come on.”

“We try to make sure we touch every hand we can and talk to every person,” Haley said.

As she delivered her usual campaign speech, criticizing Trump for widening the federal deficit, a rally attendee yelled, “He can’t win a general election. This is crazy.” That prompted acceptance from Haley, who says she can deny Biden a second term, but Trump won’t be able to.

While campaigning as an avowed conservative, Haley tended to perform better among more moderate and independent voters.

Trump won an uncontested primary in Washington during his 2020 reelection campaign, but placed a distant third four years earlier behind Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and former Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Rubio’s victory was one of only three in his unsuccessful 2016 bid. Other more centrist Republicans, including Mitt Romney and John McCain, won the city’s primaries in 2012 and 2008, en route to the nomination of the Republican Party.


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