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NHS Education for Scotland collaborates on future workforce development

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) and the Digital Health & Care Innovation Center (DHI) have formed a strategic partnership which will help build a skilled workforce through the sharing of knowledge, expertise and resources.

The collaborative work program between the two organizations will focus on a number of strategic areas:

  • Workforce development, education and training
  • Research development and innovation
  • Strategic level engagement with other organizations
  • Develop and deploy innovative technologies
  • Provision of health care and social services in remote and rural areas

Working together, NHS Education for Scotland and the Digital Health & Care Innovation Center will maximize the strengths of each organization and work to achieve the NES vision of supporting better quality care and rights-based outcomes for every person in Scotland. This would be achieved through building a qualified, competent and resilient health and social care workforce for the future.

Innovation and the use of digital technologies will be key to collaboration.

Chief Executive of NHS Education Scotland, Professor Karen Reid, said: “We know that to successfully achieve our ambition we need to embrace new ways of working, including innovation and technological advancements to improve our impact on communities and health and social care. Workforce.

“We are delighted to be working with DHI, whose experience and expertise in digital innovation reinforces our own leadership and creativity in the design and delivery of education and training and in the use of technology . Working together will help us achieve our ambition: that staff have the skills, confidence and motivation to deliver better outcomes for the people of Scotland.

The work of both organizations will also support the delivery of the Scottish Government’s policy priorities to achieve a more skilled and informed workforce. The partnership will be supported by a governance framework.

Professor George Crooks, Chief Executive of the Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre, said: “This strategic partnership between NES and DHI recognizes the important role that digital technologies can play in delivering safe, effective and efficient health and care services. sustainable in the future.

“Creating a fertile environment where staff feel supported and empowered to use next generation digital tools and services for the benefit of patients, service users and their families while supporting them in their daily activities can only be one good thing. »

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