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New York: Two human arms and a leg found by a schoolgirl in a park


Two human arms and a human leg have been discovered in a New York park.

A girl walking to school discovered her “severed left arm” Thursday morning at Southards Park Pond in the Long Island town of Babylon.

His father then contacted the police who, after searching the premises, found a dismembered leg.

The body part was found by a cadaver dog in a pile of leaves on the west side of the park, Sky News’ US partner channel NBC said, citing police.

The dog then found a right arm about 20 feet from where the left had been discovered.

A nearby school kept students inside while police investigated the scene, the superintendent of the Babylon Unified School District said in a letter to parents, NBC reported.

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The guns appear to belong to a man, police said, but declined to say whether they belonged to the same individual.

The severed limbs were believed to have been abandoned recently and police are hoping to identify them using DNA and examining tattoos, according to NBC.

Police have not ruled out the possibility that the incident was gang-related.


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