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Mosaic Biosciences™ joins the International Phytobiome Alliance


News — The International Alliance for Phytobiome Research is pleased to announce that Mosaic Biosciences™ joined the organization as a sponsoring partner.

The Phytobiomes Alliance is a non-profit research consortium that facilitates and coordinates national and international phytobiomes research projects to accelerate the sustainable production of food, feed and fiber for all. The term “Phytobiome” designates a plant growing in a specific environment (a biome), and all the geophysical and biological components that interact with this plant.

Mosaic Biosciences is a global biologics platform from The Mosaic Company aimed at bringing the latest scientific and innovative advances in biology to the agricultural market. Building on Mosaic’s robust crop nutrition portfolio, Mosaic Biosciences offers a range of biologics that protect and promote plant growth while supporting the essential microbiome responsible for plant health and resilience.

“We are thrilled to have one of the leading crop nutrition companies involved in the Phytobiomes Alliance,” said Kellye Eversole, executive director of the Alliance. “The Mosaic Company’s Biosciences platform adds a portfolio of organic products that will complement traditional crop nutrition. With fertilizers responsible for 50% of crop yields, their expertise in potash, phosphorus and biological nutrients will add an important dimension to the Alliance.

Jennifer Lilly, Chief Regulatory Officer at Mosaic Biosciences, has joined the Alliance Coordinating Committee. This committee identifies gaps in research, resources and technology, establishes priorities and develops strategic plans to achieve the Alliance’s objectives. Lilly also joined the Alliance’s Regulatory Working Group which focuses on assessing regulatory barriers for emerging microbial technologies and supporting the development of a science- and risk-based regulatory framework for new technologies.

“We are thrilled to have Mosaic Biosciences represented at the Phytobiomes Alliance,” said Lilly. “As a global leader in crop nutrition, sustainable food production is one of our top priorities. We know that a better understanding of what crops need to support their phytobiome and produce optimal yields is essential for a sustainable future. We look forward to learning and sharing more by partnering with others involved in the Phytobiomes Alliance.

Over the coming decades, understanding entire systems of phytobiomes will be essential to ensure sustainable global food security in the context of population growth, climate change and the need to preserve biodiversity and natural resources, while maintaining or by improving the profitability of producers. The Phytobiomes Alliance strives to address these challenges by building a foundation of knowledge on how components of the phytobiome interact and influence each other.

Agricultural and scientific stakeholders from academia and private companies will gather in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, October 8-10, 2024 for the International Phytobiomes Conference – an event organized by the Phytobiomes Alliance – to present their research, create their network and share their experiences. expertise to collectively advance knowledge in the field of phytobiome science. The three-day event is an opportunity for scientists from diverse disciplines to come together to develop collaborations and provide insight into the cutting-edge and innovative science and research currently underway in the field of phytobiomes.

About the Phytobiomes Alliance

The Phytobiomes Alliance is a non-profit international alliance of industry, academic and government partners established in 2016. The goal of the Alliance is to understand, predict and control emerging phenotypes for the sustainable production of food, feed and fiber on a given farm. The Phytobiomes Alliance is sponsored by Syngenta, Eversole Associates, INRAE, Valent BioSciences, Colorado State University, FarmBox Foods, Ginkgo Bioworks, Mosaic Biosciences, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, NewLeaf Symbiotics, Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences, Pivot Bio , Purdue. University College of Agriculture, Trace Genomics, Waterloo Center for Microbial Research, Aphea.Bio and AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. To learn more about the Alliance, visit and follow us on Twitter at and on LinkedIn at

About the company Mosaïque

The Mosaic Company is a leading global producer and marketer of concentrated phosphate and potash crop nutrients. Mosaic is a one-stop supplier of phosphate and potassium fertilizers and feed ingredients to the global agricultural industry. More information about the company is available at


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