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More than 6 in 10 American adults doubt Biden’s mental abilities for a second term


NEW DELHI: A growing number of American adults have doubts about President Joe Bidenthe ability to perform their duties effectively due to their age. About 60% of respondents expressed little or no confidence in Biden’s mental capacitya slight increase compared to the beginning of this year.
This sentiment is also reflected when it comes to the former president Donald Trump, with almost 60% also lacking confidence in their mental abilities. With both candidates well past retirement age, the upcoming elections are seen as a test for the world’s toughest job.
The next president will have to manage global conflicts, deal with national emergencies, and work with a dysfunctional Congress. In his upcoming State of the Union address, Biden is expected to address these challenges and make the case for a second term. However, his approval rating stands at just 38 percent, with widespread dissatisfaction with his handling of various issues such as the economy, immigration and foreign policy.
Only about 40% of Democrats have extreme or high confidence in Biden’s mental abilities, compared to 80% of independents who lack confidence. Similarly, 59% of Republicans have confidence in Trump’s mental abilities. Despite these differences, both parties agree that the other party’s candidate does not have the mental capabilities necessary to fill the position.
Biden’s age has been a concern, particularly after a special counsel report described his memory as “fuzzy,” “fuzzy” and “faulty.” Biden attempted to address these concerns through humor and by pointing out Trump’s own gaffes. However, his age continues to overshadow his political achievements.
The poll also found that many Americans are pessimistic about their choices in the upcoming election due to concerns about age and cognitive decline. As a result, some voters are considering alternative options and focusing on the vice president. Kamala Harris and Trump’s potential running mate.
The survey also showed dissatisfaction with Biden’s policies, particularly regarding inflation and the economy. Overall, the poll highlights growing skepticism among the general population about Biden’s mental abilities, with concerns about both candidates’ ages playing a significant role in shaping voters’ opinions. The survey was conducted among 1,102 adults and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.1 percentage points.


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