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MicroStrategy’s MSTR Stock Recovers, Earns a Spot Among America’s 500 Largest Companies


MicroStrategy has climbed into the top 500 largest U.S. companies by market capitalization, riding a recent upward wave in stock performance.

The data reveals a remarkable rise for MicroStrategy, climbing 46 places in a single day to secure the 427th spot among America’s largest publicly traded companies as of February 29.

This significant rise follows a five-day trading period in which its shares saw a staggering 45% rise to surpass the $1,000 threshold for the first time since February 2021, bringing its market capitalization to an impressive $16.76 billion.

According to data from Yahoo Finance, its shares fell back slightly to $982 at the time of the report.

Inclusion in the S&P 500 index?

Market analysts noted that this significant rise could potentially land MicroStrategy inclusion in the S&P 500 Index, a key indicator of the U.S. stock market comprising 500 major companies.

Investment manager Sean Young highlights the potential impact, noting that MicroStrategy’s entry into this league would integrate it seamlessly into retail portfolios. He added:

“The inevitable demand from passive SPY investors who are not even actively seeking exposure to Bitcoin could trigger a massive positive feedback loop as Bitcoin automatically begins entering retail wallets.”

To be eligible, MicroStrategy must meet several criteria, including a minimum market capitalization above $15.8 billion, a milestone it has already exceeded. In addition, it must demonstrate positive profits over the last four quarters, including the last one, and guarantee a minimum monthly trading volume of 250,000 shares over the last six months.

BTC Bet Raises Over $1 Billion in 24 Hours

MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin investment saw over $1 billion in unrealized profits in the past 24 hours as the price of BTC rose to over $60,000.

According to data from SaylorTracker, a platform monitoring BTC efforts from MicroStrategy, the company raked in $1.1 billion in profits, propelling the total value of its reserve from 193,000 BTC to $12.3 billion.

Remarkably, MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin investment was profitable, with an unrealized profit of around $6 billion compared to its initial investment of $6.1 billion.

This windfall follows MicroStrategy’s persistent acquisitions of Bitcoin. Michael Saylor, executive chairman of the company, recently announced the purchase of an additional 3,000 BTC for $155 million.


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